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Restaurants and bars opening in Greece (but without music…)

Restaurants and bars are opening in Greece after being closed for over 6 months, but without music and without serving alcohol. COVID-19 cases increased massively in Greece but the summer season is also...

Two amazing free plugins for your DAW [Producer Tips]

We at edmcave.com have 2 free plugin selections to suggest for your DAW. One for polished mixes and one for a more bitty/crunchy sound. OTTBitterSweet We hope you enjoy our selection feel free to...


Today we will show you how to produce a club track in under 20 minutes using only stock plugins from Logic Pro X. Are you wondering how to produce a simple EDM...

Falcos Deejay – RAW Analog Sample Pack March 2021

Download free 32 RAW analog samples, 122bpm, WAV 24bit, made by Falcos Deejay using the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer, without any editing, just straight signal. Perfect for original techno tracks. https://alv.link/march2021

Best free plugin for your studio

Span is definitely one of the best free plugins out there, we almost can't believe that it is free out there! We are talking about a mixing plugin which you can put...

Cruise ship catches fire in Greece

A large fire has broken out on an MSC cruise ship docked in Corfu, Greece on Friday. The ship is docked at Corfu’s port for the winter with 51 crew aboard but...

Using the Korg MS-20 Mini for noise in music production

Playing with some simple noise generated using the Korg MS-20 Mini. Here you can see the combination of analog and digital on music production. https://youtu.be/EcKQtDWadWE

Talking today about labels and artists (common mistakes these days)

My vlog talking about the common mistakes these days that labels and artist do. https://youtu.be/-5Vo6jefiZM

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