Starkillers and Andrea Godin Talk the Tech Influence behind their New Smasher “Zilliqa”

Starkillers, also known as Nick Terranova, is a DJ and producer hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. He has made a name for himself in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene with his high-energy tracks and dynamic live performances. Recently, he teamed up with Canadian producer and recording artist Andrea Godin, a rising star in the music industry, to create a new song influenced by the blockchain technology called “Zilliqa.”

“ZILLIQA” IS A CATCHY AND UPBEAT TRACK THAT BLENDS ELEMENTS OF TECHNO AND HOUSE MUSIC. We really wanted to capture that “Techy” kind of sound that represents crypto and bring awareness to the space using our platform.”

– Andrea Godin, Scarlet Cartels

The collaboration between Starkillers and Andrea Godin is a testament to the power of music to inspire and educate. The song garners awareness of ZIL and many other cryptocurrencies and how they can revolutionize the music industry, from streamlining royalty payments to enabling new models of fan engagement. As crypto evolves, it is likely that more and more artists will explore its possibilities in their work.

In addition to representing this modern currency, “Zilliqa” is a masterclass in house music production. The track features a driving beat, infectious synth melodies, and clever use of vocals throughout. The song builds to a euphoric climax that is perfectly versatile from radio to the dance floor.

Overall, “Zilliqa” is an exciting and innovative addition to the world of dance music. By blending cutting-edge technology with driving beats and the utmost captivating sounds, Starkillers and Andrea Godin have created a track that is both mesmerizing and danceable. Whether you’re a fan of blockchain or simply love great music, “Zilliqa” is definitely worth a listen.

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