Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg, 2 artists in full creativity


Anthony started to grab attention with his energetic sets, this led to him getting gigs at top venues around Belgium. His style is an electronic formula, fused with different styles, creating a unique, sound, all of his own. A passionate artist, he is driven by the desire to express his ambition through music.


Aurelien has been a producer for a long time, he started to DJ in 2000 as DJ G-Traxx and performed at many top venues and events. He played several styles, but mostly known for his house sets. A few years later he became a web developer and is responsible for creating apps, known throughout the world. During this time, he was still in the studio, laying down tracks. In 2018 the guys joined forces, and now they have made some tracks together, gaining support from a raft of jocks including Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Marco Carola… to name a few.
Great to have both on board. It is with a great complicity, feeling, osmosis that our 2 Acolytes, friends and music lovers Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg offer you a collaboration of remarkable quality.
The soul will always be the main base of a production, whatever the style.

He currently works with some labels Alveda Music, Yuna Beats Records, Lazuli Records, Bonzai Progressive, Plastic City, Dancewood Records, and others.


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  1. Awesome article about our artists Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg

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