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Martay Releases a Fresh Track Titled ‘ILY I Do’

The talented Singer-Songwriter Martay unveils her latest track, ‘ILY I Do’; fresh from the release of her recent singles, a remix of her track ‘Long Way Home’ and the original ‘Miss You’,...

Martay’s ‘Miss You’ Sets the Stage for a Summer Dance Sensation

Singer-songwriter Martay is back with another unmissable production titled ‘Miss You’, the talented artist presents a new Dance single that perfectly blends her R&B influences and powerful Electronic Dance music into a...

Martay Shares a Powerful Remix of Her Track ‘Long Way Home’

Martay releases a remix of her track ‘Long Way Home’ done by music Producer Kustom. The talented singer-songwriter presents a Future Bass take on her original track featuring her signature soulful vocals....

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