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It takes a unique and determined Artist to convey meaning successfully via sonic expression and lyrical communication, but for the talented Martay, it appears seemingly effortless. Her productions consistently emerge as captivating and enthralling displays of her original creativity, immersing listeners in her impressive vocals as she soulfully translates inspiring messages through carefully constructed lyrics and well-thought-out musical moments. As she rises to the surface of the dense landscape of Electronic Music, it is clear that Martay is a talent to keep a close eye on.  

During her early exploration into songwriting and singing, Martay was simply an Artist looking for a creative outlet to channel the struggles of her teenage years; it wasn’t until she immersed herself in the Boston music scene while at university that she found her love for performing. From here, Martay went on to work with numerous talented Producers in the city, quickly building a momentum that has since seen her carving out a unique way within the Electronic Music realm. Having honed a performance style that appears just as mesmerising as it is energetic, Martay has gained attention, growing a reputation as a rising star. 2016 marked the first milestone in her exciting musical journey; invited to open for the legendary Snoop Dogg at the Los Angeles Exposition Park, Martay has since had the opportunity to share the stage with top VIP names in the industry, like Los Lonely Boys and Poncho Sanchez, to name just a couple. As she keeps her drive and motivation high, Martay remains persistent in her determination to stand out within Electronic Music as an Artist with the innate ability to translate significant meaning via her music.  

As she draws influences from an array of musical inspirations and external creative motivations, Martay’s signature sound appears distinct. With a musical style that marries elements from both R&B and Soul, presenting a sonic fusion energised by the modern sounds of Electronic Dance Music, Martay’s music continues to showcase her undeniable talents as both a Vocalist and Songwriter. Her ability to deliver emotive productions time and time again marks her as an exciting talent on the scene and one that is sure to keep making an impact as she garners a following of genre enthusiasts around the globe.  

Innovative when it comes to her seemingly boundless creativity, Martay is no doubt a force to be reckoned with within Electronic Music. As she continues to join forces with gifted Producers to curate mighty productions and take to stages to deliver hard-hitting performances, Martay will remain one of the freshest talents on the scene and one not to be missed. So, make sure to follow Martay across social media to stay up-to-date with this talented Artist. 

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