Aladag crafts brooding techno groove on powerful new single ‘Levent’



Berlin-based DJ, producer and director Aladag unveils his powerful new single ‘Levent’, out 28th July on Diynamic.

Building a minimal techno groove from the ground up with handclaps and haunting glitches, ‘Levent’ is a brooding masterstroke elevated by soaring synths and rap vocals. Exhibiting Aladag’s craft for melody, the track morphs into a wave of slow-burn chord changes, pumping bass and funk guitar as it reaches its climax.

Following the hooky techno of ‘My Religion’, which turned heads with its catchy central vocal chant, ‘Levent’ is the second single from upcoming mini-album Picture: Aladag, out later this month on underground German electronic label Diynamic.

Aladag is a dreamer and a doer. For a long time his main focus was being a director, writer, and producer in the film industry. Bringing visions from the mind to the screen, be they his own or helping others with theirs, has shaped a life centred around the process of creation. 

However, music has been a constant companion on his journey, from the earliest beginnings – starting to DJ at age 13 and producing at 14 – to co-writing and co-producing multiple German Gold and Platinum records, until now, when he has awarded the musical muse the lead role in his life once again.

He is also a river born from multiple confluences. His Turkish roots, him growing up in Stuttgart’s hip-hop scene and later finding a new home in Berlin’s techno clubs, all within a family (both biological and chosen) which lives and breathes creativity, has blended a colourful tincture that is so clearly audible in his first release, the Picture: Aladag on Diynamic

Playing with opposites, crossing boundaries and searching within, Aladag is a deeply introverted human who is daring to bring his emotions to light. For Aladag, music is a connector between souls and the hero of his journey. 
‘Levent’ is another deep dive into Aladag’s well of creativity, building yet more anticipation for Aladag’s upcoming mini-album Picture: Aladag

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