Alan Fitzpatrick is back on We Are The Brave with a new single ‘Envisions’


We Are The Brave is a record label run by Alan Fitzpatrick who makes a return to the imprint with a single-track release titled, “Envisions.”

Anyone familiar with Alan Fitzpatrick will know that he is primarily known for his hard-hitting style of techno, and this release certainly falls into that category. It mixes a variety of hooky elements that could each define a successful track, but combined, they are the ingredients for an instant classic.

Uplifting vocals, a euphoric synth, grinding bass and hard-hitting percussion have been perfectly balanced into a heady blend of techno that the dance floor will love to lap up until the very last drop.

Alan Fitzpatrick is well respected for his music on labels such as Filth on Acid and Drumcode, and this release has mainstage appeal while firmly keeping one foot in the underground.

Envisions has pitched vocals that play call and response while the slamming kick drum and bassline that drive the track from the low end. Its breakdown sections provide respite before the track lifts to the next gear where it continually gets even more explosive.

Purchase of a copy of the release HERE.

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