Alexandro G launches “DEEPLEASURE” new record label


The famous musician and producer Alexandro G has taken a big step in his career by launching his own record label, DEEPLEASURE. This new project represents a great opportunity for emerging and established artists in the world of electronic music.

DEEPLEASURE has been created with the aim of supporting artists on the music scene, offering a platform for the dissemination and promotion of their music worldwide. Alexandro G has shown great entrepreneurial acumen in creating a record label that not only seeks to launch new talent, but also to offer a new perspective and enrich the current music scene.

The DEEPLEASURE record label will focus on electronic music, especially tech house genre, genres in which Alexandro G has demonstrated his great skill and talent as a musician and producer. Electronic music is a genre that has grown exponentially in recent years, and DEEPLEASURE promises to be a great addition to the music scene.

The release of DEEPLEASURE has been very well received by Alexandro G’s fans and followers, who eagerly await the release of new musical productions. The artist has shown great commitment to his project and has worked on the production and preparation of the first series of DEEPLEASURE releases.

In addition to the launch of his new record label, Alexandro G has also strengthened his career as a musician and producer, presenting new works that demonstrate his great talent and ability in electronic music. His commitment and dedication to music have led him to establish himself as a leading artist in the electronic music scene.

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