Recently, we sat down with the Hungarian dance music pairing, fresh off the release of their latest hit ‘Heaven’ featuring fellow Hungarian Azahriah and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Sam Martin.

To anyone who is unaware, how would you guys describe your sound? 

We are a DJ/producer duo. Fans may know our name mostly from the EDM/progressive scene, but over the past years, our sound has moved on a fairly wide spectrum. 

How has your upbringing in Budapest effected your musical style today? Is there any local music/clubs that had a big influence on your sound? 

We produce music only for international market. Our fans follow us from all over the world. We have followers in America, South America, Europe and Asia is also very strong. Regardless of this, we live in Budapest and we create here, we write most of our songs here. This inspires us a lot because we grew up here, our friends are here and we bring emotions that we try to translate into the songs from here. 

Surprisingly, you haven’t worked with fellow Hungarian artist Azahriah before, can you explain how this collaboration came about? 

When we were working on “Heaven” Azahriah was getting more and more attention in Hungary. Unfortunately, it is quite rare that a domestic performer has the skills to perform abroad and write songs in English in a unique way. He has that! When we heard his song “Four Moods”, it became clear that we definitely wanted to work with him. We wanted a feature on a song that gives him freedom without throwing him off the sound or being forced. We knew that Heaven was perfect for this and we could make a fantastic song all together. 

What is your favourite thing about collaborating with other artists on a track and why? 

When you work with several people during the birth of a song, you are part of a team. Today, truly successful songs are the result of teamwork where everyone wants to put the best into the production according to their knowledge. 

If you could collaborate with any artist from any era on a single, who would it be and why? 

I would definitely say Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder. Besides being excellent singers, they are great songwriters and we are quite sure that it would be a fantastic and defining experience to work with them! 

Do you have a highlight of your career so far as Stadiumx? 

Actually, thanks to our first single, we were able to travel the world and the fans got to know us. “Howl At The Moon” that we made together with Taylr Renee was the most played song of the Ultra Music Festival that year and went double platinum after 4 months of the release date. I don’t think we could wish for a better start. 

Almost 10 years on from your breakout hit ‘Howl at the Moon’, how could you describe the changes in your creative process from then to now? 

We’ve been writing songs and working as producers for roughly 20 years, and the first 10 of those years were actually before Howl At The Moon. Regardless of this, we learned a lot from the period we lived after the song and there were good ideas and failures as well. Many things have changed in the scene since then, but we are constantly striving for renewal and to get songs that we are proud of. Obviously, we are a DJ duo who perform with a DJ set, so we actually see from the front line what works for the crowd and what people don’t like. This helps us keep up with trends and maintain a stable sound standard. 

What do you guys have planned for the future? 

We have a label that we do together with Don Diablo and Hexagon. For 2 years now, Sub Religion has been giving talents the opportunity to think a little outside the box and get into the scene through the label. The label is getting better and more support, so we want to pay more and more attention to it. Many collaborations will be released in the coming months, including a song with Bingoplayers and a song with Morgan Page, just a few ones we can already reveal. This summer, we will mainly do the big events and festivals in Hungary and the surrounding countries, but from autumn we will tour again in Asia. 

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