An Exclusive Interview with Ricart Maria, the Rising Argentinean Female DJ/Producer


Another one EDM Cave special interview: this time we proudly welcome Ricart Maria, the upcoming Argentinean female DJ/Producer currently based in Orlando, Florida!

– How did your music career begin?

My music career began at the age of 10 when I started playing a variety of instruments such as violin, guitar and piano. By 14, I bought my first DJ equipment and started downloading house music. At 16, I had the opportunity to play at my first club in Argentina. Unlike my schoolmates who listened to latin music such as reggaeton, I was the only one in my class who enjoyed EDM. After that first performance, something incredible happened; as I looked out onto the dancefloor, I discovered a sea of people who shared the same passion for the music I loved. It was an electrifying experience to see so many individuals enjoying the same beats and rhythms that resonated with me. It was in that moment that I realized my DJ board was the only ‘instrument’ that truly brought me joy and fulfillment.

– What drew you to the music industry and who had you inspired by?

What drew me to the music industry was my early exposure to the vibrant club scene in Argentina. In these clubs, there were two sections; one dedicated to latin music and the other to house music. Being drawn to the house dancefloor, I spent a significant amount of time there. Watching DJs perform ignited a deep inspiration within me and I couldn’t help but imagine myself in the DJ booth, commanding the crowd with my music.

As I continued going out to clubs, my familiarity with different DJs and various subgenres of edm grew. However, it was the son of my dad’s best friend who played a pivotal role in inspiring me. Having known him since a young age, he was the one who introduced me to the art of mixing songs on a DJ board. His guidance and mentorship ignited my passion further and solidified my desire to pursue a career in the music industry.

Ultimately, the combination of my experiences in the club scene, witnessing DJs perform and receiving guidance from someone close to me, shaped my deep inspiration for the music industry and set me on the path to becoming a DJ myself.

– Which was your first track ever released and which record labels and artists have you worked on with till now?

My first track, ‘One Time’, was released through Mixmania Records in early 2023. It was an important milestone for me. My next track, ‘Movimiento’, which was released in last April through Dancewood Stage / Dancewood Records, has gained more than 19k streams on Spotify till now.

So far, I’ve been focused on building my name as a solo artist. While I haven’t collaborated with other artists yet, I aspire to work with great talents like Peggy Gou and Vintage Culture in the near future. I’m aware that I have a long way to go, but I’m determined to make it happen through hard work and dedication.

– Which was your latest release and also which is your next one?

My latest release is called ‘Movimiento’ with Dancewood Records and I was thrilled by the incredible number of streams it received in such a short period as this is something very important for upcoming artists like me. It was truly a pleasant surprise to witness the positive response from listeners.

Looking ahead, I have an exciting release coming up with Seshling Records. The track is expected to be released by late August or early September. I’m really looking forward to sharing this new music with my audience and continuing to build my presence in the industry.

– Is there any hidden meaning in any track(s) of yours?

I believe that the music I create is a direct reflection of my personality and who I am. I love infusing my tracks with a Latin sound and incorporating vibrant percussion elements. At this point, I haven’t intentionally included any hidden meaning in my music. For me, it has been more about expressing myself authentically and sharing my musical style with others.

However, after considering your question, I think adding hidden meanings to my future tracks is an intriguing idea. It’s something I am now open to exploring…

– How has your musical taste evolved over the years?

Over the years, my musical taste has evolved significantly. It all began with attending Lolapalooza in Argentina, where I found myself drawn to the dancefloor of big headliners like Martin Garrix and Flume. As time went on, I delved deeper into house music, eventually developing a passion for tech-house after experiencing the techno scene in Ibiza. After moving to the United States and exploring the music scene of Miami, I discovered my new favorites in latin house and minimal which have became the primary genres I am passionate about creating today.

– Which DAW do you use to produce music and in the studio which is your set-up?

When it comes to producing music, my go-to DAW is Ableton Live. I find its interface and workflow to be incredibly intuitive and well-suited for my creative process. In my studio setup, I have my trusty MacBook Air as the core of my production system. For monitoring and playback, I rely on Yamaha HS 5 speakers, which deliver accurate and detailed sound reproduction. To control and input musical ideas, I use the AKAI MPK mini MIDI controller and the Ableton Push, both of which provide expressive control and enhance my workflow.

In terms of DJing, I have invested in Pioneer DJ equipment. Specifically, I have the Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 mixer and the CDJ-2000 media players. Together, they provide a seamless and professional setup for my DJ performances.

It’s important to note that the choice of DAW and equipment can vary depending on personal preference and budget. These are the tools that I have found to work best for me, allowing me to express my creativity and deliver high-quality music and DJ sets.

– What do you think sets DJing apart from other performing arts?

What I like about DJing is that is a unique performing art that combines crowd interaction, real-time mixing and technology. It’s about connecting with the audience, reading their energy and creating memorable moments through curated sound. The ability to mix tracks on the spot adds spontaneity and creativity to the performance. DJing is a dynamic and immersive experience that sets it apart from other arts.

– If you perform in public as a DJ, how does what you play on affect your style of DJing and which is your general process for discovering new music?

The music I play as a DJ is influenced by factors such as the crowd size, time of my set and the venue. During warm-up sets, I lean towards minimal or afro house, while as the main DJ for a crowded dancefloor I vary between tech-house and latin house keeping the bpm range between 127 and 131 to maintain the energy.

To discover new music, I actively engage in deep research. I explore various platforms like Beatport, SoundCloud and Spotify, delving into specific genres, labels and artist profiles. I also follow and engage with fellow DJs, record labels and music communities on social media to stay updated on upcoming releases, remixes and collaborations. Additionally, I attend music festivals, club events and underground parties to experience different styles and connect with other artists and music enthusiasts.

– What is your favorite DJing experience?

My favorite DJing experience was in Argentina during Christmas night. It was a last-minute opportunity as I was asked to play on the main stage just three hours before the event. Initially, the crowd was small, with only around twenty people dancing due to the rain. However, as I immersed myself in the music and focused on my mixing, I suddenly looked up to find a massive crowd of 3,000 to 4,000 people fully engaged and dancing to my beats. It was a surreal moment that filled me with awe but I remained calm and embraced the energy. The larger the crowd grew, the more I enjoyed playing my best tracks, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

– How is an ordinary day like for you and what do you like to do in your spare time?

On a typical day, I wake up around 9 AM and have breakfast. Then, I head to the gym for about 1 to 2 hours to work out. When I come back home, I like to spend time in my studio making music. I can get really absorbed in the process and end up spending hours creating beats. Sometimes, I get so focused that I forget to eat lunch.

If I have a show that day, I make sure to find and download new music a few hours before the performance. At night, it’s time for the show, which is my favorite part of the day! I love DJing for a crowd and feeling the energy in the room.

During my free time, I also enjoy exploring different types of music, going out and connecting with other people in the music community. I also find relaxation and inspiration by spending time outdoors, reading books and nurturing my relationships with others.

Overall, my days consist of working out, making music and performing as a DJ, along with moments of rest, self-care and creative exploration.

– What has been your biggest challenge as a DJ and music producer?

My biggest challenge as a DJ and music producer has been learning to trust the process and not succumb to self-doubt or impatience. Starting at a young age, there were times when I considered giving up. It was a tough decision to drop out of school to pursue a career as a DJ because success in this industry is not guaranteed.

The fluctuating nature of the music industry presents its challenges. There are months when I have plenty of gigs and there are others when I struggle to find opportunities. During those tough times, it’s easy to question whether I’m on the right path. However, my biggest source of support has been my mom. She has been my unwavering cheerleader, encouraging me to continue DJing regardless of the challenges I may face as a female artist in a male-dominated industry. Her constant support gives me the strength to persevere and stay true to my passion, even if it means not having the same opportunities or recognition as my male counterparts.

– What advice would you give to another DJ and music producer starting out in their career?

My advice to new DJs and producers starting out in their career would be: “Don’t wait, take action now!” It took me seven years to release my first track because I was afraid of rejection. If there’s a track you’ve been wanting to release, a club offering you an opportunity or a demo you want to share, don’t hesitate! Ask yourself, if not now then when? Don’t let fear hold you back. Take risks, believe in yourself and pursue your dreams.

– Do you have any dreams and plans for the future?

Yes, I have dreams and plans for the future. My long-term goal is to perform at renowned venues and festivals like EDC, Coachella and Tomorrowland. However, for now, one of my aspirations is to play at Space Club in Miami which is a legendary venue that I’ve always admired. My plans involve continuing to release my music and showcase my performances, putting in the hard work and passion required to succeed in this industry. While talent and dedication are essential, a bit of luck can also play a significant role in realizing my dreams.

– What can we expect from you in the near future?

In the near future, you can expect more releases from me. I am deeply passionate about creating and playing music and that passion continues to drive me forward. My goal is to demonstrate to myself and others that when you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to something you love, there are no limits to what you can achieve! I am committed to giving my all and showcasing my growth as an artist, bringing my sound to the world. Stay tuned for exciting new music and shows coming up through my Instagram @ricartmaria4.

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