Bastien Groove debuts in DEEPLEASURE


The talented Argentinian producer and DJ Bastien Groove has just released his latest single, “Sol”, through the DEEPLEASURE record label. The song features a unique and fresh sound, reflecting the evolution of Bastien Groove’s musical style.”Sol” is a track that takes you on a musical journey full of energy and emotion. The catchy rhythms and melodic elements make it a true work of art. The song is one more example of Bastien Groove’s talent and creativity.

This release is just the beginning of what promises to be something impressive for Bastien Groove. His talent and dedication to electronic music have made him an impeccable producer and his joining the Depleasure record label only confirms that he is destined to continue creating incredible music.

The release of “Sol” also marks the arrival of Bastien Groove to the Depleasure record label. Known for supporting and promoting new talent on the electronic scene, the label is the perfect home for Bastien Groove’s innovative and unique music.

Official release date 03.04.23

Don’t miss your chance to listen to “Sol” on Beatport and be sure to keep an eye out for Bastien Groove and Depleasure as there are sure to be more exciting releases in the near future. Congratulations to Bastien Groove for joining Depleasure with this awesome release!.

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