Berlin’s Community-minded Reflex Festival Announces New Venue for 2023 Edition


This summer, the Reflex Festival will take place for the second time in the heart of Berlin in a brand new location. From 16-18 June 2023, visitors are invited to a unique experience of electronic music culture and performative arts in various forms indoor and outdoor at CLUB MUENZE and ELSE. Both locations will be connected via Bassliner shuttle buses. The two venues offer visitors an organic and special backdrop for the genre-fluid combination of energetic trance and dynamic techno for around four days.

The Reflex Festival was born out of an intimate passion for electronic music culture and aims to inspire people to question predetermined identities, roles and behaviours and to feel free from social conformity for a few days. The festival presents diverse forms of artistic expression, emphasizing tolerance and creativity. The artistic vision of the festival takes shape through a variety of eclectic performances, installations and visual art.

This year’s highlights include: Boris, Braindrop, Cassie Raptor, Cecilia Tosh, DJ Yarak, Fadi Mohem, Métaraph, Øtta, Orestis, and many more established and emerging acts. The unique sound is shaped by the curation of the following collectives: CONCRETE, DURCH, ELYSION, GEGEN, HARD TRADE, HEISSS, PARVATI RECORDS, PORNCEPTUAL, SACHSENTRANCE, SYNOID, VOXNOX and xXETEXx.

Further information at: www.reflex-festival.de.

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