Best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2021


The top celebrity Halloween costumes of all time run the gamut in terms of subject, style, and execution. Some of the excellent ones are fresh takes on old characters, like when Kim Kardashian went as Poison Ivy in 2011.

Some celebrities made remarkable use of unique effects – like Ariana Grande as Miss Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lizzo as Baby Yoda, and the Weekend as Don Vito Corleon from the Godfather. 

Other channelled their much-loved fellow superstars, with Hailey Baldwin paying tribute to Britney spears, Yara Shahidi dressing up as Ciara and Aaliyah transforming into all 3 members of TLC.

Current year definitely brought its fair share of great Halloween costumes from celebrity. We are still in a pandemic, but with the vaccine, people were capable to celebrate a spooky season a pretty more normally. And that contains going all out on a costume.

Margot Robbie as Ginder Spice (2021)

Margot Robbie actually nailed the spirit of Ginger Spice when she posed in a bubble chair wearing the amazing iconic Union Jack dress and platform red boots. “Spice up your life”, Robbie captioned her Instagram at the time.

Kelly Clarkson as Meryl Street in death becomes her (2021)

For the Halloween episode of the Kelly Clarkson show 2020, Clarkson dressed as Merly Streep character from the 1992 Robert Zemeckis movie Death becomes her. But the preference did not stop there. The set was changed to look like the house in the movie, with a grand staircase and a living room setup. Clarkson has been a fan of Meryl Streep for a long time, and this over-the-top dress was amazing.

Kendall Jenner as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire (2021)

Kendall Jenner channelled Pamela Anderson copy 1996 cult-classic film Barb wire character on Halloween. The model and reality star shared images from a photo shoot through Instagram that views her sportinb Barbs blond hair, black thigh-high boots, leather bodysuit while sitting on a motorcycle.

Ciara as Megan 3 Stallion and Nicki Minaj

Ciara continually delivers on wonderful Halloween costumes. In 2019 she and husband Russell Wilson were the Carters, jay-Z and a.k.a Beyonce. But current year Ciara took it up a notch. Further to her Cardi B-offset costume with son Future, she also dressed up as Nicki Minaj and Megan Three Stallion.

Mindy Kaling as Elle Woods (2021)

Mindy Kaling – a living comedy legend – planned to pay homage to some other comedic geniuses this Halloween.  “So I love for Halloween costumes”. She wrote on Instagram alongside a slideshow of costumes.

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