Bromo Shares a New Banger Titled ‘Do Better’


Bromo is here with a new unmissable banger ‘Do Better’ via Future Rave Music. 

The young up-and-coming DJ and music producer is back with a new banger that’s ready to surpass his previous accomplishments; his releases, through labels like S2, Black&White, and Ensis Records, have already caught the attention of listeners all over the world, presenting him as a promise in the Electronic music scene worldwide. 

With an always high-quality production and impressive signature sound, Bromo is set to reach new heights teaming up, once more, with Future Rave’s genre top label Future Rave Music. 

Having released ‘Collide’ alongside Yantosh in the past through the same label, Bromo introduces his latest hit poised to top charts across major streaming platforms. 

‘Do Better’ features stunning growling basslines, a hard-hitting beat, staggering synths and the indisputable Future Rave sound. Catchy processed vocals guide the track to its spectacular release, with layers of filtered synths, striking pads and sonic elements that showcase Bromo’s boundless talent, skills and impressive powerful sound. This Future Rave anthem surely demands its listeners to join Bromo’s mighty party. 

Certainly, a star on the rise, Bromo keeps proving why his name deserves to be followed. With every release Future Rave Music shines a light on young talent eager to take the Electronic Dance music world by storm, as they continue to amaze its followers and lovers of the genre, with the most impressive and powerful tracks of the genre. 

Don’t forget to follow Bromo’s latest updates as he continues to share his remarkable productions as his release schedule is only getting started; as well as Future Rave Music, taking the Future Rave genre to the forefront of the Electronic Dance music world. 

‘Do Better’ is out now via Future Rave Music and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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