Bubba Brothers Talk About Their Hobbies, Likes And Favorites


Bubba Brothers continue their mission to conquer dance floors all around the world. Their impressive releases are already being featured on main charts like the Beatport Top 25, while these remarkable bangers have taken them to perform at the biggest stages in cities like London, Faro and Ibiza.  

Following a busy tour around Ibiza last summer, the Bubba Brothers get ready for their upcoming release schedule that promises to drop hit after hit and showcase the powerful style and sound of the duo.  

We chatted with them to learn more about what they like aside from music. 

Hello Bubba Brothers, how’s everything going? 

Hi! everything is great, we had an exciting Summer so…happy days! 

Do you have any hobbies or would you like to try a new one? 

Music is actually my biggest hobby… football and gastronomy are my other passions. 

Which non-music related career would you think you would’ve pursued? 

Football player. Unfortunately for that, you actually need to know how to play. 

Do you like sports? Do you follow a team or an athlete?  

I’m a Benfica supporter since I wasn’t even born. It’s a tremendous passion. 

If you were to meet someone alive or dead for dinner, who would it be and why? 

I would invite Jim Morrison…because anything could happen…and if he would be busy…I would call Janis Joplin. 

What would you say will always put you in a good mood? 

Benfica winning! 

What’s your favorite spot to get food? 

Oh dear. I have many… Restaurant Lagar in Pechão next to Olhão are my choices. 😊 

Can you describe a perfect holiday? 

Open bar, House, Beach. 

Do you have a special ritual or routine you follow before jumping on stage? 

That is a good one…I get so nervous 10 min before I start that I don’t even know if I have any rituals or not…LOL

Name 3 items you’d take with you to a desert island 

2 CDJs and a mixer 😊 

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