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Facebook Tests New Warning Prompts to Stop Users Sharing Articles They Haven’t Read

Facebook is following Twitter's lead by adding new alert prompts when users go to share an article on Facebook if they haven't already opened the link themselves first. As explained by Facebook: "Starting today, we’re testing a...

Beatport’s website is down!

Beatport is facing some technical issues for several months. Today the website is down (we don't know for how long). Technical issues started back at the end of 2020, issues on artworks, previews,...

The perfect lighting software for Mobile DJs

SoundSwitch is the top software for Mobile DJs using DMX Lighting. It synchronizes the lights with the music so fast and easy! Using the autoscript, you can have your first light show...

Falcos Deejay – RAW Analog Sample Pack March 2021

Download free 32 RAW analog samples, 122bpm, WAV 24bit, made by Falcos Deejay using the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer, without any editing, just straight signal. Perfect for original techno tracks. https://alv.link/march2021

PRO DJ DOES INSANE EDM MIX ON GOLD DDJ-1000 – Creative DJ Mixing Ideas for Beginner DJs

Freshly uploaded mix by DJ Carlo Atendido! Watch now: https://youtu.be/lBTHdVpvkO4

How to Start an Internet Radio Station and Start Broadcasting Live in Under 5 Minutes

An interesting tutorial to start your own internet radio station, by Mike Russell uploaded on YouTube https://youtu.be/AkHgCUpRlKw

Using the Korg MS-20 Mini for noise in music production

Playing with some simple noise generated using the Korg MS-20 Mini. Here you can see the combination of analog and digital on music production. https://youtu.be/EcKQtDWadWE

Cheap VS. Expensive Audio Cable – Can You Hear the Difference ???

Jon Sine uploaded his video about cheap and expensive audio cables. Just watch... https://youtu.be/SHOAmCEMet8

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