Pioneer DJ Shipping Delays on XDJ-XZ and few other products


The pandemic causes delays in manufacturing and resources for some global brands, including Pioneer DJ. Shipping costs increased massively which may bring up the prices and cause delays as some companies may wait for a price drop in order to continue shipping their orders.

Our team tried to contact some local distributors in Europe about the issue with delays from Pioneer DJ. Many DJs that we spoke told us that there were forced to buy used equipment to avoid these delays.

Based on our research, the XDJ-RX2 deliveries may continue at the beginning of October if not a week earlier. For the XDJ-XZ the earliest expectation is for the mid of October but some sources are claiming for January 2022. The most likely scenario is for the end of October and the beginning of November to have some XDJ-XZ deliveries.

The most common word these days on local stores is “Out of stock” for Pioneer DJ high-end products.

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