“Celestial” compilation by Soiree Records International – A Nocturnal Sonic Journey


The new “Celestial” compilation by Soiree Records International is a deep dive into electronic sound, offering a nocturnal and captivating experience that grabs the listener from the first track to the last. In particular, the tracks by Drivetrain and G-Prod stand out for their quality and evocative power.

With “The Moonlight“, Drivetrain transports us to a world of tribal percussion and hypnotic vocal mantras, creating a soundscape that seems to tell a nocturnal chronicle. The orchestration is sensual and passionate, enveloping the listener in a musical embrace that is both compelling and engaging.

Moonlight & You” develops on a rhythmic base of drums and bass, while the jazzy atmosphere of the voice and the melodic chord progression set the stage for a breathtaking crescendo. This track is a perfect example of how Drivetrain seamlessly blends jazz and house elements in a harmonious and captivating way.

G-Prod‘s “Moonlight” creates a wall of mesmerizing pads that float atop the velvety, dominating groove provided by the rhythm section. The track is a sonic journey that captures and transports the listener, making it hard not to be drawn into its magnetic atmosphere.

David Duriez‘s remix of “Moonlight” adds a different dimension to the hypnotic original. This version is an intoxicating acid adventure through the frequency spectrum, adding a sonic spice to the original mix, making it even more intriguing.

The “Celestial” compilation by Soiree Records International is a musical journey that explores the depths of the night through refined electronic sounds. The tracks by Drivetrain and G-Prod offer unique experiences, each with its own identity, yet united by a common thread of quality and creativity.

A must-listen for electronic music lovers seeking authentic and sophisticated emotions.

Celestial” compilation is out – Buy vinyl here

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