Cyazon Drops A Powerful Guest Mix


Talented DJ and producer Cyazon continues to showcase his signature style. His latest releases ‘Artificial Tears’ and ‘Netrunner’ have caught the attention of listeners all over the world, as well as his weekly radio show ‘Cyber Future’ in which he features not only his productions but music from DJs and producers that inspire him. 

Now, he brings a new guest mix that creates a portal to the futuristic dystopian world his energetic tracks display. 

Press play and let Cyazon guide the journey. 

Cyazon – Shadowrunner 

Cyazon – Hardwire Feat. Megan McDuffee 

Cyazon – Escape Feat. Megan McDuffee 

Cyazon – Synthetic Awakening 

Cyazon – Awaken 

Cyazon – Artificial Tears Feat. Becko 

Cyazon – Netrunner Feat. Becko 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

Cyazon & Essenger – Neo Soul 

Au5 – A Million Miles (feat. Diandra Faye) 

Au5 & Amidy – Way Down feat. Karra 

Jason Ross & Blanke – One More Day (with Chandler Leighton) 

Cyazon – Angels 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

Seven Lions & Jason Ross – See You Again (feat. Fiora) 

Au5 – Awaken feat. NOHC 

Nero – Reaching Out 

Loneliness – Focus 

Cyazon – Unreleased 

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