A special Q&A interview with the American Producer from Georgia, Darth Athena, on EDMCave!

– How did your music career begin and when?

On a professional level, it started for me around 6 years ago. I have always created and listened to electronic music soundtracks for a very long time, but I never really released anything.

– What drew you to the music industry and who are you inspired by?

Everyone has an experience that ultimately kick-starts his or her career. I have several artists that inspire me, coming from all genres of music as for dance music, I have long followed legends Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Boris Brejcha to name a few.

Aside from electronic music, I get inspiration from to old school artists like Sade, the late Michael Jackson and Prince.

– Which is your first track ever released and from which record label? 

My first release was an LP titled “Orbit” back in 2018. I released it independently.

– With which record labels and artists have you worked on?

I have released tracks as an independent artist, also on Sound Best, and Bbpop record labels.

– Which was your latest release?

“Alien Scanner” was released on July.

– Is there any hidden meaning in any track(s) of yours?

My music tells the story of Darth Athena. My plan is to create short story videos and music to help tell the story of this mysterious character I created. I quickly realized that such a project required a great deal of funding. I had to set it as a long-term goal.

The majority of Artists today produce the same sounding mainstream sounds and vocals; I am different, whereas I do not pattern my music from anyone, although artists’ talent, stories and work ethic do inspire me. Most of my tracks have a Science Fiction feel and sound to them with ethereal sounds and melodies. I love making music as such. My Darth Athena story is still in the works and I will in the near future integrate my music into it the story. Additionally, I do produce a variety of modern techno, progressive house, big room, trance and tech house tracks.

– Which DAW do you use to produce music and why?

I use FL Studio as my DAW. I love the look and feel of it. I love the piano roll, workflow, and overall features. When I get in the zone, I am able to work very fast in FL Studio. I have used Ableton and Pro Tools but prefer FL Studio.

– Do you play any physical music instruments?

No not on a professional level. I have taken some piano and guitar lessons. I have a highly technical background so I am able to create whatever sound I need for my projects.

– How is an ordinary day like for you?

I have a daily routine I normally adhere to or follow. I am always working on my craft. I get in at least 30 minutes every day in the studio in the morning. I hold a day job as a Network Analyst, so I work during the day. In the evenings, I try to get in at least 1 hour of studio time

– On a personal level, what kind of music do you listen to in your free time? Do you have any other activities beside music?

I listen to a variety of music from dance, rock, pop, oldies and soundtracks. I really love listening to movie soundtracks. I started listening to soundtracks a long time ago like groups Tangerine Dream, followed by James Newton Howard among others. As for other activities, I am a Girls Basketball coach and I love doing woodwork, traveling, and other DIY projects in my spare time.

– What do you think about your favourite artists?

I love listening to Boris Brejcha, Deadmou5, Armin Van Buuren, Giorgia Angiuli. Each has unique styles that I love. Boris has hi-tech minimal def baseline effects he utilizes along with very good melodies. Giorgia is so talented and is a unique artist; she is very creative on the fly by using live instruments in her performance. She is very talented. Deadmou5 and Armin are just great legends and pioneers.

– How do you think that the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Covid had a huge effect on all artists who were heavily dependent on live events, performances; it just trickled down from there. Artists cannot survive on just music streams for a source of income; we need revenue from live events. However, some good did come from COVID-19. Opportunities to hold live events through video streaming online and other creative ways to entertain audiences through social media.

– How have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

Yes, I was very busy in the studio among on things. I have upwards of 40 tracks or so of unreleased material, so I was able to take advantage of my time.

– Do you have any dreams and plans for the future?

My dream is the keep working towards my goal of perfecting my craft. Improving my sound, making good music in effort to continue my Darth Athena story!

– What can we expect from you in the near future?

Producing and releasing more music. In addition, I will be working on some live streaming in the near future.

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