DJ/Producer Clan Brude Talks About His Experience Behind the Decks in Exclusive Interview


Shanghai-based music producer Clan Brude, has been cultivating a unique sound that blends elements from across House genres to establish his own individual identity within Dance music. Showcased in an impressive set of releases to date, Clan Brude’s distinctive sonic character is proof of why his music warrants attention.  

With an energetic and uplifting production style, Clan Brude is a refreshing producer that is sure to reach new listeners across the globe. His most recent release, ‘Something Cut Me Loose’ highlights his driving, dynamic sound, and his talent for seamlessly experimenting with elements from Future House and Progressive House genres. In this behind-the-decks interview, we explore Clan Brude’s musical beginnings, his experience as a DJ and the processes behind his energetic live shows. 

Hi Clan Brude! How are you?

I’m doing great thanks. I just played a gig down in Hong Kong. Although live music has been intermittent in Shanghai, they have not long had live music back down in Hong Kong, so I’m happy to see it’s on the rebound!

Do you remember your first live performance? Where was it and how did it go?

I don’t think I can remember my exact first, but I do remember one of the first being at a pub back in Derbyshire, UK. I’m not sure how the sound was but it was full of quite forgiving school friends, so I’d say it was a success!

What’s the usual routine you follow to get ready for a live show?

Get there in plenty of time if a soundcheck is required, especially if sound people, bandmates, or others are reliant on you. Make sure I’ve eaten and there’ll usually be the odd ‘green room’ beer or two and chats with other musicians; that’s usually quite a fun time and you can get to know people.

What do you look for in a track to add it to a live set?

Energy and perhaps a freshness. I also think it’s important that the venue and the type of gig are taken into consideration. 

How do you read an audience and how did you learn to do it?

This one can be tricky as it’s not as tangible as other factors of playing live, such as sound-checking, etc, it has something to do with individual and collective energy within the venue. A quieter night, and you might have to cut one or two songs that you may have planned for or replace with something else. In my band for instance, if the energy is there, we would skip the ballad and keep going with the punk tunes. 

Can you tell us what would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your time performing live?

I think the actual performance element is the biggest lesson that I’ve learned. This is especially true in my experience of playing in bands. There is an art to engaging with the audience and being proactive rather than being a passive performer. Having said that, there is a balance here and your (performance) personality will appear over time, so best not to force it until it’s ready. 

What’s the funniest or most exciting story you have involving a live show?

There was one show where a magician came on stage and literally pulled a rabbit out of his hat, he goes by the name of Mr Balloon Magic. Pretty surreal, but it was advertised as the theme for the evening.

Which new skills or gear would you like to incorporate in the near future?

Anything in the ballpark of hard synths that can be used in live performance. Having played with the soft equivalents, I haven’t yet had the luxury of messing around with many hard synths (although I was in the presence of a huge modular synth in the practice room). However, we would need another room in the studio to incorporate this new gear. 

What piece of advice would you give to a DJ that’s starting their live performance journey?

Cliché, but enjoy it, keep the mix tight and learn each time. 

In this interview with Clan Brude, we have delved further into the musical journey and the thoughts and processes that have inspired many successful live performances and musical productions. As Clan Brude continues to make new music, his passion and talent will remain the driving force behind his powerful performances and energetic releases. We thank Clan Brude for his time and for offering us an insight behind-the-decks; we’re excited to hear more from him soon! 

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