DOMINO presents a new EDM song, Godo, meant to annihilate any impulse of fear or negative emotion


“The song is meant to annihilate any kind of impulse of fear or negative emotion and militates for the idea that anything is possible. GODO, <<a greater good>>, represents the clarity of a certain mood that we experience when we live present and not distracted, when the mind is clear. It was written in collaboration with Emanuela Alexa, who had a nice contribution in making the whole story”, the artist said.

The song was composed by DOMINO, in collaboration with Emanuela Alexa, who also signed the lyrics, and the production was done by DOMINO.

Music producer, composer and pianist, the artist behind DOMINO is a true chameleon when it comes to expressing his effervescent personality through music. Experimenting with a variety of musical genres, from jazz and rock to dance or raggaeton, he has scored big international hits for various artists, his music being played on radios and in clubs on all continents, from Europe to Russia, USA and the Middle East. His passion for rhythm transpires through every beat and transposes you to an ideal, carefree everlasting party. 

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