Exciting Guest Stars and Powerful Mixes: Avi Sic Kept the Bar High During June on ‘Late Checkout’


Avi Sic continued to impress throughout June with her radio show, ‘Late Checkout.’ As she delivered a dynamic collection of episodes, showcasing her innovative approach to mixing and her deep passion for discovering fresh sounds, Avi Sic enhanced the listening experience with stellar guest mixes from Tom Budin and Tungevaag & SMACK, once again establishing ‘Late Checkout’ as a must-listen radio show for Electronic Music fans around the globe.   

With her unique tastes on full display, Avi Sic curated captivating mixes during June, introducing listeners to the top hits and the freshest sounds on the Electronic Music scene. Bringing vibrant energy and instilling the dancefloor vibes of her performances into each of her episodes, Avi Sic continues to design engaging auditory adventures, guiding her listeners through the diverse and dense landscape of the genre to showcase her personal favourites and latest discoveries. With well-known tracks like James Hype’s ‘Wild’ alongside BLOND:ISH’s remix of Taylor Swift’s ‘Fortnight’, Avi Sic’s track listings delivered sonic familiarity whilst introducing the work of emerging Artists like Leon Leegaard and Erick Diaz. As she offers eclectic and varied mixes, Avi Sic adds depth and intrigue to her episodes, underscoring her commitment to showcasing top-tier talent and diverse musical styles.  

A highlight of June on ‘Late Checkout’ was the inclusion of exciting guest DJs; Tungevaag, SMACK and Tom Budin brought their distinct sounds and refreshing energy onto the show, delivering mixes that complemented the show’s enthralling vibe. With the list of guest stars who have taken to the decks on ‘Late Checkout’ continuing to grow each month, listeners are sure to enjoy anticipating what Avi Sic might offer them, hooked to see which genre VIP will be invited onto the show next. Having played host to the likes of Ship Wrek, The Chainsmokers and Bingo Players, ‘Late Checkout’ is certainly becoming a respected platform on the scene, further cementing its host, Avi Sic, as a noteworthy talent within the genre. 

Avi Sic’s distinct approach and dedication to showcasing the rich, vibrant landscape of the genre ensures that ‘Late Checkout’ remains a compelling destination for Electronic Music enthusiasts. As the show continues to evolve, fans can look forward to even more bold sounds and thrilling guest mixes in the months ahead, so be sure to tune in. 

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