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Saharazza is a Polish DJ and music producer. He is also involved in journalism and acting. A graduate of journalism and social communication. Recently, he has produced some interesting sounding tracks. Today we present you an exclusive interview with the artist. We asked him about music and life in today’s music industry.

How did your music career start?

My musical career began with working in radio and television. I was the author of music and entertainment programs in which I interviewed famous people in show business. I have met many wonderful people personally. I hosted, among others, Blank And Jones, Johan Gielen, Kate Ryan, Danny, Arash, Velvet, Westbam, Global Deejays and many others. I’ve always liked music and working in the media brought me closer to that. I became interested in producing my own music. In 2006 I decided to try as a DJ. I played Saturday parties at local clubs. I combined music with the production of programs for TV stations. Then a few years off due to a car accident and health problems. Today I come back for you with new music and new ideas.

What’s your latest production?

In 2020, I released the single “Stop The World” on the Dutch label Yeiskomp Records. Currently, I have signed a contract with the British-Greek label Alveda Music. More songs appear there.

What artists were you inspired by in creating music?

I remember my childhood when music was recorded from the radio onto cassette tapes. Later, when CDs appeared, they were recorded in internet cafes. Sometimes you would buy a cassette tape or a CD for one song because the music was not available as it is today. I grew up on energetic and dynamic music. And these are also my productions. I’ve always been inspired by Atb, Scooter, Schiller, Blank And Jones, Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, Mauro Picotto.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to constantly develop myself and my project. Give people the joy of listening to music. Enjoy your time with them. It is a great satisfaction when you know that someone likes your song very much. Fans give motivation and a desire to create more songs. I have many ideas and scenarios for my music videos. I want to implement them.

How do you choose the music for your sets?

I try not to look at the trends. I play what I feel and what I like. Music is emotions and I mix what comes to me. In private time, I listen to the same music as on stage because that’s what I like and it’s part of my life.

What is your ordinary day like?

My days are different. Sometimes I have strength and energy and other times I don’t want to get out of bed. But when I get up I like to go for a walk, run, eat something in the city and of course all of this with headphones on. I like the nightlife and that’s when I feel best. Meetings with friends and good food.

How has the pandemic changed your life and surroundings?

The situation around us now made the work very difficult. It’s hard to schedule recordings and meetings. Many locations and facilities are unavailable. Many companies went bankrupt. The clubs have closed and many of them will not open anymore. The music industry is in crisis. Artists I know have changed industries and are doing something completely different. Despite the transfer of activities to the Internet, the losses are huge.

What do you do besides music?

I am an investor and I have shares in companies from the shops, restaurants, games and energy industries. But it will always be music in my heart and my mind.

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