EXIT Expands Festival Portfolio with Ada Divine Awakening in Montenegro



As the sun dipped below the horizon of the Adriatic sea, casting a warm glow over the picturesque surroundings of Montenegro’s paradise island of Ada Bojana, the enchanting journey of Ada Divine Awakening came to a close. An unique event within the rich portfolio of EXIT’s festival family, culminated with a sacred Cacao Ceremony and a captivating musical performance by the renowned conscious music artist, Mose.

This September, Ada Divine Awakening fulfilled its quest by offering something truly remarkable – a powerful festival experience that combines life-force awakening retreat, educational workshops, incredible music & art, mindfulness, and much more. Attendees, hailing from more than 40 countries across the globe, came to learn how to become the best version of themselves and elevate every aspect of their lives. Over the course of six days, harnessing the enchanted life energy and the healing melodies of medicine music, participants embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth, deepening their connections and intimacy with both others and themselves, improving their partnerships, careers, health and their overall wellbeing.

“Ada Divine Awakening holds a unique place within our rich festival and event portfolio, as it authentically transforms and uplifts people’s lives. It quickly grew into one of the leading consciousness & intimacy festivals in the world and we will be partnering with like-minded promoters to cast ADA magic through numerous spin-offs worldwide.” – says the founder and CEO of EXIT festival group Dušan Kovačević.

Situated on the paradise island of the magnificent Ada Bojana, with its sprawling beach and breathtaking sunsets, this year’s Ada Divine Awakening adopted the theme, “Live Your Purpose,” inspiring participants to delve deeper into their roles in the world, within their own lives, and within the lives of those who surround them. More than 40 renowned experts from various corners of the world guided attendees through an intensive program taking place in four of the festival’s tents – ADA, Passion, Heart and Source Temple. Educational workshops were carefully crafted to help participants to learn as many tools as possible that will support their everyday lives. They had the opportunity to learn how to navigate their emotions, deepen intimacy in their partnerships, improve careers, and step onto a life-long path of personal development and growth. Participants were encouraged to step into the role of main protagonists in their own lives, to discover, fully embrace and live their soul’s life calling.

While the dozens of workshops were reserved for daytime, the nights at Ada Divine Awakening Festival were filled with mesmerising healing and ecstatic music performances. They featured some of the world’s leading conscious and medicinal musicians, including Mose, Murray Kyle, Joseph Pepe Danza, Mushina, Tebra and others.

The heartfelt testimonials from festival-goers have been pouring in, each resembling a love letter to their transformative odyssey. In every new beginning, there lies an element of challenge; every change requires a step beyond one’s comfort zone; every improvement represents the fruit of a profound and exhaustive personal journey. Once more, the festival provided a fresh perspective, a new lens through which participants could reap the rich rewards of their personal struggles, integrating these transformative experiences into their daily lives with unwavering commitment.

In an era where mass gatherings often lead to environmental concerns, Ada Divine Awakening stands as a shining example of responsible event management. The festival’s commitment to environmental stewardship was prominently displayed through its beach cleanup initiative. Attendees, organizers, facilitators, and volunteers came together to collect nearly two tons of waste from almost a kilometer of untamed beach in collaboration with the City of Ulcinj, Ulcinj Riviera, and DOO “Komunalne djelatnosti” – Ulcinj, along with the Remedies 20t Challenge initiative. This act of environmental responsibility surpassed last year’s efforts, preserving the pristine beauty of the sea and emphasizing the festival’s commitment to positive change.

With a dedicated emphasis on ecology and environmental conservation, Ada Divine Awakening forged a meaningful partnership with the “Every Can Counts” project. Collaborating alongside gifted young artists, the festival embarked on a visionary project, rejuvenating used beverage cans by transforming them into mesmerizing canvases. This creative endeavor breathed new life into these recycled materials, offering visitors a compelling artistic reminder that eloquently underscores the crucial role of recycling within the ongoing global endeavor to safeguard our beloved planet Earth.

As the Ada Divine Awakening Festival continues to grow in influence and reach, it is evident that EXIT group is not just changing the way festivals are experienced; it is changing the very essence of festivals itself. It is pioneering a new era of events that combine conscious music, deep personal growth, and environmental consciousness, where attendees leave with a more profound understanding of themselves and a commitment to creating a new and better world.

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