Falcos Deejay goes analog!


Falcos revealed his Korg MS-20 Mini synthesizer for his upcoming Techno tracks. Uploaded also a video from the label channel on his birthday and 9 years celebration that there are many crazy techno tracks to come this year.

Confirmed that there are many of his upcoming tracks using sounds from the analog synthesizer which are already submitted for release from his label group and also a sample pack release.

“He is targeting to make old school techno tracks like back on 80s”. Falcos has already experience on analog synthesizers from his studies from SAE Institute in London (his tutor for electronic music production was Franky Redente). The only difference, Falcos back in time was a full Big Room producer but now his switch is on Techno and Tech House (on the genres that he got trained back then in 2013-2014).

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