Falcos: “One step forward for our artists & labels”


Falcos Panagiotis, the CEO of Alveda Music licensed a massive catalog with over 5000 songs on the global music market.

The label group is now ready to move some steps forward after being stuck for several months on the management side. Falcos announced the “renovation” of Alveda Music.

Alveda Music started officially in 2014 as a label when Falcos was a student at SAE Institute in London, and now the label group holds one of the largest electronic dance music catalogs of independent artists in Europe with multiple music genre-based divisions.

In 2017 the label group gained a lot of attention when FOXI (a female producer based in UAE) got into the Beatport charts with the top-selling release called “Get It”. A few months later Sebastian Park signed his track too and got on the top 1 spot.

Falcos plans to put Alveda Music on the bookings and management map. Few third-party agencies using Alveda’s website for showcasing artists at the moment and the label prefers to stay open with all agencies and artists involved. Alveda becomes a type of “Wikipedia” for artists, and the label has all the resources and the experience needed at this stage for getting into the events.

What is confirmed to see soon at this stage:

  • Events published and promoted on Alveda’s networks (including third party events linked with artists from the Alveda Music Group)
  • The weekly radio show called Alveda Sessions is coming back very soon, featuring also some top artists
  • DJ bookings directly via Alveda
  • Expand of the compilation albums label AMVA

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