Flo Rida features on San Marino’s Eurovision song for 2021


Senhit has confirmed in an interview with Eurovision Planet that Flo Rida will be performing on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Rotterdam, as long as circumstances at the time allow.

Eurovision’s executive supervisor Martin Österdahl speaking to the BBC‘s Newscast podcast said that the contestants’ travel to Rotterdam was “necessary,” adding: “This isn’t a holiday trip, this is actually a job that needs to be done.”

Each country’s delegations will be limited to 20 people (down from an average of 38), while media and commentators – such as the BBC’s Graham Norton – will broadcast from ventilated commentary booths to further help prevent the spread of the virus.

Are you excited to see Flo Rida on the Eurovision stage? Do you like San Marino’s “Adrenalina”?

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