Get Ready to Dance: Tensteps Promises to Unleash the Energy with His December Live Sets


Tensteps is gearing up to bring musical fire with his upcoming events this December. Set to perform at Blue Light Studio, Vancouver on the 8th of December and Stereo Live in Dallas, Texas on the 21st, Tensteps’ end to 2023 is sure to pack a powerful punch.   

No stranger to live DJing, Tensteps’ live performance history includes taking to the stage with genre VIPs like Menno de Jong, Ruben de Ronde, and Andrew Rayel, to name just a few: a well-deserved set of opportunities that quickly cemented Tensteps as one to watch closely. As he released his debut album ‘Infinite’ only last month, the following of fans that Tensteps has garnered to date comes as an impressive achievement for a career only just at its start.   

The first of his performances this December is set to be hosted at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver, Canada. Coming as the debut headline performance for the talented DJ and Producer, the night is sure to impress, no doubt shining a light on Tensteps’ impressive talents as he brings his powerful signature sound and captivating performance style to his set. Joining him, Tensteps will be supported by Ghost Etiquette and Causeway: two striking talents on the scene whose sets are sure to add a new dimension to the performance, elevating the listening experience with fresh diversity and energy. As a venue, Blue Light Studio appears as an exciting spot for Tensteps to first take to the stage as the headliner; hosting a live concert series twice a month, the recording studio frequently welcomes musical excitement to its stage, and Tensteps’ performance is sure to be no different. As he vows to bring even more vibrant sonic colour to Blue Light Studio this December, Tensteps is poised to capture the attention and admiration of his audience.  

Another exciting date to add to the calendar, Tensteps’ performance alongside Emma Hewitt at Stereo Live will go ahead later on in December; guaranteed to make an impact, the event is sure to deliver party-starter energy, vibrantly displaying a stellar range of talent as Emma Hewitt, Tensteps and Adam Stark all take to the stage to share carefully curated sets detailed with hard-hitting beats and mighty-sounding productions.   

With a drive and determination, Tensteps is sure to reach even more milestone successes as he continues to build his reputation as an unmissable performer on the live DJing circuit; now, as he gears up for these next upcoming performances, Tensteps is sure to remind genre lovers of his status as a rising star within the genre, cementing his place as one of the most captivating talents to keep an eye on within Electronic Music today.   

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