Hotboxx Is Here With His Latest Release ‘Hialeah’


Hotboxx strikes back with another impressive release. The talented Miami based DJ and music producer is here with ‘Hialeah’. 

Following the great reception of his most recent release ‘Vogue EP’ that saw the artist collaborate with The Artist Never Die and London X for the 3 –track nostalgic Deep House EP released via House of Huemans, he’s now ready to hit back with a new track that meets all the requirements to be labeled as a certified hit. 

Hotboxx is known for his eclectic style that celebrates the multiple influences that shape his project, as well as the diverse city that saw him grow as a music producer and DJ, Miami. His experience and skills have seen him perform at highly regarded venues like Racket, LMNT and Do Not Sit On The Furniture, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Fred Everything and Trick Daddy. 

‘Hialeah’ starts off with a pounding almost metronomic but energetic beat, congas filling the lower-end of the soundscape, offering a groovy vibe and uplifting feel. Clean classical guitars take the spotlight in the middle of the track, while vocal samples fill the soundscape turning it into an introspective listening journey, only to later drop to the groovy and energetic beat that releases the party once more.  

This Afro House track will, by all odds, find its way to dancefloors all over the world. 

Hotboxx is a name on the rise, showcasing his talent and skills with each release, and aiming high with every production. His experience and unique sound surely make him an artist to follow, not only in Miami’s local scene, but worldwide as he continues his mission to conquer new dancefloors and ears all over the world. 

Make sure to follow Hotboxx as his release schedule ahead promises to be filled with impressive surprises. 

‘Hialeah’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

Listen and buy ‘Hialeah’ now 


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