How to make EDM Chords (No Music Theory Needed)


A very big problem todays’ bedroom producers have is coming from the musical aspect of their production. Today we can explain more in depth how to create EDM chords using logic’s built-in scale quantization tool.

First of all a major factor is the key of the song, and what key your chords and melody is in. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard! We recommend using D# Minor, F# minor and E Minor due to the frequency’s this keys have.

So to create the EDM Chords we have create the bass pattern, there are no tricks here, you just have to create a simple 4 to the floor pattern and place the notes wherever you feel like it has the most energy.

After that you need to place the 3rd of the chords, count 2 notes up using logic’s scale quantization tool. The “Q” which means quantization will appear pressed when the note you are hitting is correct.. So you know you are using the correct note.

After that count 5 notes from the bassline using the same method, so now you have what we call a “triad” a chord with 3 notes, the root, the 3rd and 5th.

After that you can invert the 3rd of every chord an octave higher. It makes the chords feel more energetic.

Finally you can create 1 or 2 lower octaves of the bassline!

So we hope this article has helped you start making EDM chords a bit easier.
We suggest you a video by the author of this article Dimitris Karipidis to help you get started creating EDM Chords in Logic Pro X without the need of Music Theory!

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