Immerse Yourself in the Ever-Energetic Sonic World of Eric Redd


Energetically innovating the world of Electronic Dance Music appears the talented Artist Eric Redd. With a long-standing history in the creative field, there is no question that he is a powerful force on the scene; his impressive experience, undoubted expertise, and extensive skillset emerge to support his ever-expanding exploration into his creativity, acting as the foundation of his establishment within the Electronic Music realm. It seems that his love for music and performing has been a significant guiding force throughout his career: a reason behind each of his creative endeavours, this devotion remains paramount as he continues breaking through the genre, defiantly unafraid in his confidence to be different.  

From a young age, Eric Redd felt the pull towards music; becoming a regular on the musical variety TV show, Soul Train, at just 16, it is a passion that has remained unfaltering throughout his four-decade-long career. Having taken to being a professional dancer, a performer on London’s West End, a session musician, and now, as an Artist working within the Electronic Dance Music realm, his career has most certainly been multi-disciplined; with such an individual and varied journey, it is no wonder that Eric Redd’s sonic identity is standing out within the genre. His high-quality musical style highlights his impressive talents, showcasing a sound distinct in character and unique in vibes. With an unmentionable amount of career milestones to date, including opening for Artists like Ani DiFranco and The Pointer Sisters and his 2010 release ‘Breathe’ reaching number 32 on the Billboard Dance Music charts, Eric Redd’s prominent position within the industry remains as a credit to his reputation as one of the most sought-after acts on the scene.  

With his live performances, Eric Redd takes on a persona almost indescribable in its electrifying vibes and energetic nature; pulse-racing in sound and visually mesmerising, his live shows are something to behold. As he invigorates crowds with his strikingly bold vocals, Eric Redd ensures his shows make an impact. With an unparalleled approach to live performance within Electronic Music, Eric Redd incorporates the sounds created by technological means with the live music from his band, delivering unforgettable live sets time and time again. Having taken to stages across the globe, working with top DJs like Liam Keegan, Ralph Rosario, and Eddie Amador, Eric Redd should most certainly be high on the list of performers to take note of within the world of Electronic Dance Music.  

Fuelled by a seemingly unwavering passion for his craft, Eric Redd continues to strike back; as he delivers music unmissable in its sonic ingenuity and brings his captivating energy to stages around the globe, Eric Redd keeps solidifying his place as one of the leading talents on the scene today. So, an Artist not to be missed, make sure to keep following Eric Redd’s remarkable and unique musical journey. 

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