Inside the Enigmatic World of Ben Shawaer: Musical Influences, Evolution, and Future Directions


In this exclusive interview, we’re delving into the enigmatic world of Ben Shawaer, a rising star in the realm of Electronic Music; despite his mysterious persona, we aim to uncover the secrets behind his musical journey, influences, and what lies ahead for this intriguing artist, through a conversation with his manager. So, let’s dive in and get to know Ben Shawaer a little better. 

Hi, how are you doing today? thanks for joining us! 

Thank you for your question, I hope you are well too. We don’t know Ben Shawaer’s current mindset but I think we’ll find out more by listening to his next release! 

Could you share the story of how Ben Shawaer’s musical journey began? What sparked his interest in Electronic music? 

It seems that a set of still unknown events triggered his switch to Electronic music. We still know little about his past, but it seems that he actually made another style of music before delving into Electronic music. This certainly explains the differences in styles between the tracks he has released to date. There may still be traces of his former life on the internet. 

Who were some of the artists or musical genres that had a significant impact on Ben Shawaer’s music during his formative years? 

Witnesses would have seen him listening to music from video games and films on loop in the street while walking with a discman. I think he was listening to the work of John Williams and Nobuo Uematsu. They must be among the people who strongly influenced him. Indeed, even if music from his first drop EP seems to have been influenced by artists like Avicii, we feel that the orchestral aspect must be present in other of his compositions with more room for the instrumental part. 

How has Ben Shawaer’s musical style evolved over time, and can you highlight pivotal moments or experiences that contributed to this evolution? 

I noticed that he started working last year with singers, which marked a turning point in his way of making music. Before, that he had to concentrate on how to make music sound best while being purely instrumental. 

Are there any non – electronic music genres or artists that played a substantial role in shaping Ben Shawaer’s unique sound? 

Ben Shawaer’s musical influences seem to be numerous. As said previously, there is obviously orchestral instrumental music but also Rock music. 

Has Ben Shawaer been intrigued by a particular fusion of musical styles or elements in his compositions? If so, can you elaborate on that? 

Indeed, it seems that he is working on tracks mixing Disco, Funk, Rock and House/Dance styles. He seems to have been very much inspired by the work of Michael Jackson in general, and his team on the music for the Sonic video game. His track ‘Look In The Mirror’ on his EP First Drop is a good example of what his music could sound like in future productions. 

Many listeners have drawn comparisons between Ben Shawaer’s music and film soundtracks. Can you delve into the influence of cinematic music on his work? 

As said above, he seems to have grown up at a time when the composers John Williams or Nobuo Uematsu were at the height of their creative activity. I can then imagine that in his youth he watched Steven Spielberg films over and over, and played video games like Final Fantasy. Growing up listening to the instrumental sound of works from the 80s and 90s inevitably has a huge impact on the way we understand music, both in when you listen to it and in its creation. 

Have there been cultural elements or experiences that left a lasting mark on Ben Shawaer’s music, despite his enigmatic persona? 

We do not think that there is a particular experience that has had a lasting impact on Ben Shawaer’s music, but rather a set of experiences. An experience can sometimes be just a glance, a sound or music that we only heard once but that inspires us for the rest of our lives. That’s the beautiful thing about art in general, all the things we experience can inspire us. I imagine that’s why the result of artistic creation transmits so many emotions. It is directly inspired by life. 

Aside from music, are there other forms of art, such as visual arts or literature, that have influenced Ben Shawaer’s creative process? 

As said previously, video games, with which he seems to have grown up, must necessarily have had a major influence in his way of understanding music. 

Looking ahead, can you provide insights into the musical directions Ben Shawaer wishes to explore in the future, and how new influences might shape his upcoming projects 

In the future, it seems that he wants to finish defining the contours of a recognizable musical style of his own. You know, the kind of music that you hear 3 seconds and you know who made it. I imagine that the different influences we talked about today will play a major role in this future musical development. 

As we wrap up this interview and our exploration into the musical world of Ben Shawaer, one thing remains clear: his enigmatic presence is matched by his passion for creating captivating music. With influences ranging from film soundtracks to video game melodies, Ben Shawaer’s unique blend of genres promises an exciting and evolving musical journey for the future, make sure to follow him to remain updated on his latest releases and news. 

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