Instagram Rolls Out New Option to Hide Like Counts on Posts, Which is Also Coming to Facebook


It’s been in testing for a while, and has even been implemented as the only display option in some regions. But today, Instagram has announced the next stage of its experiments in hiding like counts on posts, with all Facebook and Instagram users soon set to be able to choose whether or not they display like counts on each of their updates.

Instagram hidden like counts

As explained by Instagram:

“You may have noticed that we’ve been testing hiding like counts on Instagram for a while. Today, we’re announcing that everyone on Instagram and Facebook will now have the option to hide their public like counts, so they can decide what works for them.”

Read more: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagram-rolls-out-new-option-to-hide-like-counts-on-posts-which-is-also/600808/

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