Interview: LENny (IT) talks new single Running on Reload Records


Lenny Lorenzi aka LENny (IT), is a Romagna native born in 1990, developed a profound passion for electronic music from a young age. As a teenager, he embarked on his journey, delivering captivating DJ sets and producing his own music. By the age of seventeen, Lenny found himself behind the decks at Titilla, the exclusive venue located in Cocoricò, Riccione. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that swiftly propelled him to perform at prestigious venues such as Sankeys in Ibiza, Macarena in Barcelona, Output in New York, and Clevelander in Miami. Naturally, he also graced the stages of renowned clubs along the iconic Romagna Riviera.

With previous releases on labels like Natura Viva, G-Mafia Records, 7AGE Music, LENny (IT) now lands on Sony Italy offshoot Reload Records with Power: a slick, melodic, deep house cut with a soaring vocal and intoxicating atmosphere.

Thanks for talking to us. Has it been a positive 2023 for you so far?

Yes it is, I moved back to NYC, and I get back to spent more time with my gear in studio. After COVID it is nice to spend time in the booth and play in front of people as opposed to playing with cameras online.

What’s your earliest memory involving music?

I was 15y old and I play “Rune – Calabria” at Cocorico, IT. I bought the vinyl just some days before the gig, and was amazing, the vibes was incredible. I played that track tons of time after that warm up…

Who were your biggest musical inspirations growing up?

The inspiration start from Melody and Bass, since I was young I felt these incredible goose-bumps when I hear that groovy drums mix with Bass and amazing melody. Not everyone can hear that deep vibes inside a 4-4 Kick track. Growing that feeling start to be more selective. But still there and is my Belive in House Music

When did you know you wanted to make music? And what were your first steps in trying to make it happen?

I was 13 years old and I bought my first Apple device, I discover Garage Band, and from there everything changes.

You’ve been running Wave Music Boat for more than a decade now… what do you think it is about the party that has made it such a long success?

I get inspired from Miami or Ibiza boat party and every single party that we do, I am concentrated on giving to our fans the best experience between music and ambient. The mix with Music and Sea is always a Win

Your new single Running is a really slick slice of deep melodic house. What is it about this style that appeals to you?

Is a new discover from me. I changed a lot during covid the vibes of my music. As you can hear the music always was really tech and groovy, but with Covid I start to get more piano lessons and that bring me to search the melody before the snare-kick. The next release will be a lot more melodic than groovy. The voice will be the centre of any future releases.

Were there any specific bits of hard or software that contributed to the sound of this one?

I use 2 of my gear in my any release, MOOG (Sub37) & Access Virus Polar. Connect that to Roland Drums Machine and the magic is coming out….

What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of 2023?

I will try to have more gig in NYC and try to make many release possible, I have tons of DEMOS.

What final message would you like to leave for our readers and your fans?

Make everything you like to do, don’t care about when, care about what, and just make it happens. Life is an amazing journey between love and happiness, don’t ever lose the happiness for doing what is right for yourself.

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