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Hello Panfil & Rubh! Welcome to EDM Cave. Where are you speaking to us from today?

Panfil & Rubh: Hi, we are from the United States and located in Chicago.

Congrats on the release of your latest single «You Know» feat. Resonomics. What was your inspiration behind this record?

Panfil & Rubh: Thank you! We are really excited about this release. For this track, we had a beat and groove that we sent over to Resonomics to get a vocal. Once we had that put together we sent the track over to Wayne Le who added his touch and style to the track and that’s how it all came to life. 

You have collaborated with Resonomics for this record. How did you meet? What was your experience working together?

Panfil & Rubh: Dima Rubh and Resonomics worked together on the railroad. Resonomics is great to work with. This is the second track we have worked with him on.  We usually send him a track idea and he comes up with a few vocals for us to use.

Growing up, what were some influences that you believe shaped your musical taste?

Panfil & Rubh: We both have our own unique styles that we like and we think those unique influences are what is able to shape our sound.  However, we do have some mutual influences like Gabriel & Dresden, Deep Dish, and Robbie Rivera.

Resonomics: Growing up I was exposed to a lot of 80s music. I started out being really into Guns N’ Roses and hairbands of the sort. One day I stumbled across a recorded cassette tape at a gas station parking lot. It ended up being NWA. I went home popped it in and my love for hip-hop was born. Every year or two growing up I would get into a different genre. I went from hair metal to rap to R&B to alternative and techno. I learned to appreciate a variety of music.

How did you first get into Music Production & DJing?

Panfil & Rubh: We started this off by djing. Kyle bought turntables while in college and that’s when we started to learn how to DJ. After djing that’s what led to our interest in music production.

What has been your favorite track this summer so far?

Panfil & Rubh: It’s hard to just pick one track or one artist, what we can say is we have been playing a lot of tracks recently by Elijah and Grundy, Ammo Avenue, Niteplan, Wheats, and Latmun.

Resonomics: I just recently went to a 50 Cent concert and heard a song of his that I never really heard before. It’s not even from this summer but it’s been on repeat. It’s called “I’m the Man “ featuring Sonny Digital.

How do you define success? Is it about the number or is there more to it?

Panfil & Rubh: We think there’s more to it, there are many different thresholds we use to measure success. Our overall measurement of success of this project is if we are able to be happy and fulfilled working on music full time.

Resonomics: I think success comes in big and small packages and it also comes in steps. I just try to take one win at a time and try to not take it for granted. I believe that essentially success is being happy with an accomplishment.

Where can people expect to see you DJing in the coming months?

Panfil & Rubh: We have a few shows in the next month that have not yet been announced, but we can say they will be in our hometown of Chicago.

Last but not least, is there a message that you wish to spread to the world?

Panfil & Rubh: Follow your dreams, never give up and treat everyone with respect and love.

Resonomics: The message I would spread around the world is that it takes more effort to hate than to love.

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