Introducing Meetch: the Passionate and Determined DJ and Producer


Sweeping across the landscape of Electronic Music and capturing the attention of genre lovers around the world, Meetch has arrived on the scene with a vengeance; as he quickly makes a name for himself, Meetch showcases a passionate determination and unstoppable drive that sees him reaching new heights with every creative step he takes. Diving into new territories and bringing fresh new energy into the genre, Meetch delivers a refreshing perspective that sees his name sitting high on the list of top Producers and DJs in Electronic Music today.  

High in energy is perhaps the best way to describe the talented Producer, his vibrant and electrifying productions consistently elevate his listeners to new heights as he takes them on high-octane journeys through infectious beats, pulse-racing rhythms, and diversely detailed soundscapes. With a passion and enthusiasm for Electronic Music that outshines any other talent on the scene, Meetch has claimed the genre as his own, driving the growth of his reputation and popularity as new listeners become invigorated by the party-starter vibes of his productions. This year alone Meetch has tackled new creative milestones, collaborating with talented Artists and presenting his new radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’: it seems that Meetch’s creativity knows no bounds. His recent release ‘I Became A DJ’, released in collaboration with Rapper Bizzair, exemplified the diverse and skilful nature of his talents, highlighting his hard-hitting signature sound with its energetic beats and mighty-sounding drops; an exciting release that serves to prove that Meetch is a Producer worth keeping an eye on as he promises to drop even more unmissable gems soon.   

As he reveals his skills as a DJ, taking to stages across America, there is no doubt that Meetch’s live performances are just as adrenaline-fuelled as his studio productions; enthralling audiences with his magnetically charged stage presence, commandeering the spotlight as he showcases a masterful authority over the decks, Meetch is unstoppable when it comes to his ability to invigorate crowds and unite them in moments of pure euphoric ecstasy. With such a captivating charisma, it is no surprise that Meetch has had the opportunity to take to the stage with some of the top names in Electronic Music, like Skrillex, Deorro, and Paper Diamond; his list of live performances is also a noteworthy achievement, having had slots at legendary venues like Pacha and Club Amazura. As he continues to unleash all his creativity and passion into each live performance, Meetch is sure to reach even more milestone success, elevating his name within the genre as he quickly becomes one of the most exciting live DJs on the scene.  

In a landscape that cultivates constant growth, requiring innovation and individualism, Meetch presents a unique sonic identity that sees him delivering revolutionary sounds to his fans, captivating them with his unforgettable live DJ sets and smash productions. As his music continues to engage with listeners, Meetch cements his place as a prominent talent within the genre and one to keep watching closely as he promises to keep raising the bar and elevating the sounds of Electronic Music. 

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