Jacob Colon Brings the ‘Heat’ on March Episodes of ‘Made to Move’


The March episodes of Jacob Colon’s popular radio show “Made to Move” featured a dynamic and diverse selection of tracks in the House music genre, spanning across the Tech House, Latin House, and Afro House sub-genres. This range of styles showcases Jacob Colon’s versatility as a DJ and producer, and highlights his dedication to presenting the best of electronic dance music to his listeners. 

One of the standout moments of the episodes was the inclusion of his latest release, ‘Heat’. This high-energy Tech House track features a driving percussion and a playful vocal sampling that’s sure to get dance floors moving. Fans of Jacob Colon’s previous work will appreciate the innovative approach he takes with this latest release. 

Listeners also got a preview of Jacob Colon’s upcoming production ‘Get Somethin’’. This track features a groovy beat and infectious synths, once again showcasing his ability to push his own boundaries and create fresh, exciting tracks that resonate with fans. 

In addition to Jacob Colon’s own releases, the March episodes also featured tracks from well-known artists in the house and techno scenes. Notable mentions include ‘Samba’ by Wax Motif & Riordan, and ‘R U 4Real’ by Gordo ft. Marina Maximilian, and a selection of rising artists who are making their mark in the Electronic Dance music world. 

What sets Jacob Colon’s radio show apart is his ability to curate a mix that seamlessly blends established and emerging artists, with his own signature sound and style. This approach highlights his extensive knowledge of Electronic Dance music and his dedication to showcasing the best tracks from a variety of genres. 

Overall, the March episodes of “Made to Move” are a testament to Jacob Colon’s skills as a DJ and Producer. His passion for Electronic Dance music shines through in each episode, and his ability to create diverse and engaging mixes proves his expertise. Fans of House music should definitely check out ‘Made to Move’ and keep an eye out for Jacob Colon’s upcoming releases. 

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