Jacob Colon’s Radio Show ‘Made to Move’ Keeps Raising the Bar


Jacob Colon continues to deliver electrifying energy on his radio show Made to Move, capturing the attention of genre enthusiasts from around the globe and growing his reputation as a rising star within the House genre. As he delivers an exceptional blend of groovy beats and infectiously energetic tracks, Jacob Colon shows an innate ability to engage with listeners, guiding them on a journey of musical discovery.  

The show has quickly gained traction as it continues to make waves within the Electronic Dance music scene, reaching audiences worldwide on over 40 international radio stations; with ever-growing popularity, Made to Move is fast becoming a must-listen for all Electronic Music fans. As he uniquely curates a mix of tracks from well-known names on the scene and productions from his own catalogue of releases, Jacob Colon delivers a cohesive listening experience that displays his passion and extensive knowledge of the genre. 

One of the highlights this month was the inclusion of the Producer’s latest release ‘Addicted’; a fresh new Tech House track, that features a groovy beat, infectious melodies, and uplifting vocals, sure to captivate listeners and persuade them toward the dancefloor. As he spotlights his own work, Jacob Colon presents his signature sound and brings attention to his talents as a Producer; unstoppable in his passion, Jacob Colon raises the bar with every creative avenue he explores and the mark that Made to Move is making within the world of Electronic Music only further solidifies this.  

On top of his own productions, Jacob Colon treated listeners to a range of tracks that spanned various sub-genres, including Tech House, Deep House and Afro House, to name a few. This month’s line-up featured powerful tracks that showcased the dynamic and exciting landscape of House Music. As he continues to drop expertly curated mixes, Jacob Colon appears as a master of his craft, with the talent and ability to unite listeners in exciting and fresh sonic adventures; Made to Move is surely making a name for itself within the genre and it won’t be long until the radio show makes even greater waves as new episodes continue to drop. 

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