Krees Waves & Stan Kayh Interview [Q&A]


An exclusive interview of Krees Waves & Stan Kayh on EDM Cave, and the story behind their latest release “We Came For Love”.

-Tell us please how you begin with music and djing?

Krees Waves: I started DJ when I could mix in bars. I quickly realized that – if I wanted to mix in festivals – I had to produce my own tracks. So, I started producing music a few weeks after learning DJ.

Stan Kayh: I learnt DJ in 2013 but I began music at the age of 10 by playing guitar. When I was young, I used to create melodies with my guitar just for fun. That’s why, it was naturally to me to produce music as a DJ and I started in 2019.

-How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

Krees Waves: I listen to many radio shows from others DJs and I check 1001 tracklists to discover new releases. I also use Spotify to stay up to date with the latests music trends.

Stan Kayh: I often work on a hit radio in France. So, I keep an eye on each new music trend. Moreover, listening to music takes up a lot of my time and thanks to the YouTube & Spotify algorithm, they push new music and I appreciate it.

-With which labels and artists have you worked on?

Krees Waves: I worked with many labels: Harmor Records, Alveda Music, Quantum Records and I can tell you that – this year – I will release new music on big labels! Concerning featurings with other DJs, I collaborated with Adriano Caruso, Dylan Da Rita, and I don’t forget my duo, Stan Kayh. New collaborations are also coming this year with big artists!

Stan Kayh: For my part, I signed with Harmor Records & Alveda Music. At the moment, I didn’t really work with others artists yet. Except, my duo Krees Waves. And artists like Azael or Pedma which worked on “Bring It On” to produce remixes. But, this year, I will release new tracks with collaborations. Stay tuned 😉

Any new releases?

Krees Waves: Yes, in collaboration with Stan Kayh, we’re gonna release a new track called “We Came For Love” with Alveda Music, on March 11th. Besides, I worked with other DJs and – this year – I will release many featuring. At the moment, I can’t tell more.

Stan Kayh: Krees talked about “We Came For Love”. Also, we worked on several tracks with our duo “Krees Waves & Stan Kayh”.  Moreover, I also worked with DJs & DJanes and many tracks are coming.

Tell us about “We Came For Love”?

Krees Waves & Stan Kayh: “We Came For Love” is a simple story: a man and a girl with the same past. Both have had their hearts broken. Since they have the same story, they decide to share their life together.

Under this story, we wanted to make a nod to what we live in our duo “Krees Waves & Stan Kayh”. We have shared the same failures on our side, which certainly helped to bring us closer and made us decide to become a duo in music.

-In the studio, what’s your set-up?

Krees Waves: I have a classical set-up: 1 PC, 2 speakers… But, I’m gonna change everything and a brand new set-up is coming

Stan Kayh: I made the investment before Krees 😉 I made a new workspace by myself at home. And I also bought a new Mac-Mini with 2 KRK. And my next purchase will be probably a KRK S8G4.

-What’s your creation process in the studio?

This is the same creation process for both Krees & I. We are mainly inspired by listening to the vocals. And then, we let our soul making the job.

-Your typical DJ set-up?

Krees Waves: I work on a DDJ-SX2 and a MacBook Pro

Stan Kayh: Same thing than Krees except that I have the oldest version of DDJ-SX 😉 I also use a MacBook Pro with Serato. Sometimes, I connect my stuff on a full Nexus set-up from Pioneer with a RANE SL4.

-What have you done online? Have you seen any DJ video streams that impressed you?

Krees Waves: Yes, I was really impressed by the W&W show! Making a full 3D show must be a lot of work! With Stan, Since 2020, we launched our monthly radio show on MixCloud.

Stan Kayh: Yeah, sure! I watched many live videos of James Hype! I really love his style of mix. He is a really great DJ both mix & producer. Besides, I also teach DJ online for French speaking people.

-How do you think the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Krees Waves: I think it was hard for all the artists. Some of them had to stop creating music to find a job in order to survive. Others found ideas to continue to live thanks to the music. 

Stan Kayh: Like Krees, I think it was very difficult to everyone. Thankfully, I have not been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For artists like me, I think that the pandemic forced us to be more creative. Both music creation and communication (by using streaming, social medias…). I also think that the link between artists & fans has been consolidated.

-Do you have other activities beside music?

Krees Waves: Yes, being a DJ & a Producer isn’t my only activity. I also travel to install scenes all around the world for hotels.

Stan Kayh: For sure! I have many activities beside music. I work with a radio in France and I teach many things for French speaking people: DJ, Marketing, Slow Life… And, I’m a fan of Aikido. I have my 1st DAN (black belt) and I also teach Aikido with my Sensei.

-What can we expect from you in the future?

Krees Waves & Stan Kayh: A lot of music! We produced many tracks for 2022. At the moment, we mainly work on our socials in order to grow our community. Tracks will be release month after month and our 1st big track of this year “We Came For Love” is coming with Alveda on March, 11th. We also hope to be programmed in many festivals.

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