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Yeiskomp Records – digital record label, specializes in producing music in the EDM-genre: Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive House, Deep House.

-When your label was launched? And your inspirations about starting your own label? 

Hey! My name is Alexander Samolukov, my stage name is Alex van Sanders. I am the founder and owner of the label Yeiskomp. The Yeiskomp label was created in 2016, that’s when I realized that the time had come. At that moment in time, the beginning of the year, I already had a large number of acquaintances and friends of musicians who often sent me to listen to their author’s music and who were looking for a label to release their work. Some of the works were really interesting and I thought “why not?”. Then I lived in the city of Amsterdam, which inspired me to do this! March 3 – the date of the first release was also marked by the launch of the label.

-Which were the first artists signed?

The first artists were Marcel Van Eyck, Elian West, Takeri, Dmitriy Osipov, Alex Dvane, Tim Dian and some others…

-Tell us about your first steps in the music business before starting your own label?

Before opening the label, I was engaged in buying musical communities in social networks for broadcasting contextual advertising and earning money from this, which helped me leave my stupid office work and do what I love. It was through the conduct of musical communities that I met many artists and arist managers, who subsequently inspired me to create my own label. Of course, it’s not enough to talk about love for music. Music has always been a part of my life. If it was only about money, I would never start this business!

-What part has been the biggest challenge that you faced in terms of getting this label off the ground?

To be honest, there were no problems, I just quietly did my job inviting all the new artists to work with us and it was fun. Every day you communicate with new people who live the same love for music and this inspires you even more and gives you the strength to work further. All the difficulties were a pleasure.

-What you are looking for when signing new songs?

First of all, the track should be interesting and ideological, and secondly, it should fit the style of our label. Although our label is multi-format, we do not sign such styles as rock and rap, we also rarely take drum and bass or dubstep.

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