The dynamic duo of electronic music, Litchi and Atlantis make their debut on Smash Deep with their mesmerising progressive house track ‘I Can’t Stop’, available on the 14th July 2023!

The talented Litchi, ranked one of the top 100 female DJ’s in the world by DJane Mag, continues to impress with her mammoth productions and hypnotic shows. The Russian DJ and producer has been rocking dancefloors globally and wowing crowds with her signature blend of melodic techno and progressive house sonics. Her latest track is meticulously crafted, showcasing Litchi’s mastery in creating dynamic arrangements that seamlessly blend melodic elements with driving basslines.

She is joined by Atlantis, the fast-rising international melodic house and techno DJ and producer who’s made her stamp on the scene. Atlantis’s mix series has seen her garner over 4 million views on YouTube with this figure continuing to climb, garnering acclaim from both fans and DJs across the scene. Boasting multiple collaborations with Litchi, the pair have proved their musical synergy on previous collaborations including ‘Inside My Head’, ‘Lover’ and ‘Trogen’, continuing to blend the highest quality of beats and progressive melodies.

‘I Can’t Stop’ takes the listener on a hypnotic journey through a flourish of arpeggios that swell around melodic synths and entrancing vocals. As the layers of synths and atmospheric textures build, the energy intensifies, setting the stage for the powerful beats and pulsating bassline that drive the track forward. Together, they have crafted a track that seamlessly blends their individual styles, resulting in a melodic and progressive house anthem that will leave listeners spellbound.

Get a taste of progressive heaven with Litchi and Atlantis’s ‘I Can’t Stop’ out on the 14th July exclusively via Smash Deep!

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