LYOD delivers uplifting new single ‘Fighting For’ featuring Bad Actor 


Rising producer LYOD returns with his anthemic new single ‘Fighting For’ alongside alternative rock artist Bad Actor, out 7th July on OUT FIT.

‘Fighting For’ is the third single from LYOD’s upcoming debut album Forgot How You Dance. It follows ‘Why Does My Heart’, an exquisite new version of the iconic track ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ by Moby, and the plaintive house anthem ‘If You Ever Need A Friend’, which have together hit almost a million Spotify streams.

‘Fighting For’ is a mesmerising fusion of dance and alternative rock, as LYOD‘s infectious beats blend seamlessly with Bad Actor‘s hauntingly captivating vocals, creating a sonic masterpiece that captures the essence of melancholic summer vibes. From the very first note, you’ll be transported to a world where emotions run deep, and melodies paint vivid images of sun-kissed horizons and bittersweet memories.

Whether you’re a fan of dance music, alternative rock, or simply crave a unique sonic experience, ‘Fighting For’ will leave an indelible mark on your soul, its raw authenticity delivering emotional resonance on new and deeper levels.

“It has always bothered me that in the past, in most dance songs, hardly any emotions are expressed and the warmth is missing”, LYOD says. “For me it’s important that feelings come across and it moves people. Since dance music has opened up so much, you can produce much more freely. Everything is possible and that’s what I pursue with my songs.”

And for 24-year-old LYOD, whose real name is Niklas Heidkamp and who hails from Cologne, a lot is possible: he was already crafting his first tracks at the age of ten, and last year alone he produced a good dozen songs. Despite his young age, he has already amassed over 35 million streams, released an official remix for Dutch star DJ Sam Feldt and provided the music for the German Google Pixel Campaign with ‘Never Fall’.

“I pay a lot of attention to little details that you often don’t hear that way, but that make it special for me,” LYOD explains. Behind this, you can guess, is a lot of work – and it’s a testament to LYOD’s great talent that you can’t hear this in his music at any second. Quite the opposite: it sounds as effortless as a day at the beach.

During recent months, LYOD has locked himself in a small cabin by the sea and worked exclusively on new tracks. The result is 12 songs for his debut album Forgot How You Dance, which will be released on 1st September 2023

LYOD’s collaborator on his latest single, Bad Actor is a Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer whose emotive mix of pop, and raw band elements come together into his heart on sleeve style.

An electrifying collaboration, ‘Fighting For’ further builds the hype around LYOD’s upcoming album with an emotionally charged dance groove that cuts straight to the soul.

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