‘Made To Move’ with Jacob Colon Continues to Light Up the Airwaves in September


Renowned for delivering diverse and engaging listens, Jacob Colon’s radio show ‘Made to Move’ is fast becoming one of the leading tastemakers on the scene; reaffirming the Producer and DJ as an exciting talent, ‘Made to Move’ consistently brings the hottest new sounds of the genre to its listeners, showcasing Jacob Colon’s impressive mixing skills and admirable tastes. September proved no different as each episode brought new energy to the airwaves, igniting listeners with vibrant track listings that are sure to have made this last month an unforgettable one for fans of the show.

With a high-quality mixing style that shines through in each smash episode, Jacob Colon showcases a confident and distinct approach to the genre that sets his show apart from others on the scene. Showcasing a unique perspective that sees him consistently breaking down barriers to ignore the familiar and instead deliver innovative and enthralling sonic adventures for his listeners, Jacob Colon is a passionate force within Electronic Music. As the show continues to grow in popularity, now reaching far and wide with its broadcast on over 40 international radio stations, ‘Made to Move’ quickly solidifies its prominent standing within the genre and is poised to gain even more followers as Jacob Colon continues dropping unmissable episodes.

Standing out as a memorable moment during September, Jacob Colon presented his latest release, ‘Show You How It Go’: an energetic Tech House track featuring lively Latin rhythmic details and the unmistakable signature sound of Jacob Colon. The inclusion of his track in September’s episodes is sure to have elevated the listening experience to new heights, no doubt injecting the show with a party-starter vibe and leaving listeners hungry to hear more from the talented Producer’s release catalogue.

As he keeps listeners hooked with his infectious energy and unwavering passion for the genre, Jacob Colon continues to prove why his name deserves global attention; with fans eagerly awaiting to hear the next episodes, Jacob Colon is no doubt getting ready to deliver more high-quality mixes that are sure to bring the energy, impressing listeners once again with his innate ability to curate immersive and alluring listens.

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