Mason Collective And Bipolar Sunshine Re-Live Golden Era Noughties House Parties With Official Video For ‘People In Love’


Watch the video HERE 

Mason Collective and Bipolar Sunshine reveal the official video for their debut Defected single ‘People In Love’. A raucous, madcap dash across a night out in the artists’ native Manchester, the video is a clear ode to the noughties in its composition, styling and characterisation.

Set at a house party akin to those portrayed in series such as Skins with its hedonistic, youthful crowd, the art direction, props and 00’s outfits, alongside the video’s fast-paced mixed media approach on camcorders, DV tape cameras, Y2K snapshot camera photos and mobile phone footage create a dynamic scene – as the party unfolds, the Mason Collective trio make a brief cameo among the cast. Embracing club culture’s celebration of different backgrounds and sexual identities, this is an essential element to the film, as the youthful combined energy of the central characters propels the action and motivates the rapid pace of the video.

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