Massimo Logli drops new peak time techno EP, ‘Kang’

Massimo Logli

Massimo Logli makes a return to his record label Superba with a three-track techno EP that packs a punch with its peak-time energy.

“Kang” is a thumping release that shows the harder side of Massimo Logli’s sound, as he has a broad style that also incorporates deeper genres. All three of the tracks on the EP mix tough drum sounds with captivating synths to create fast-paced grooves aimed at the dance floor.

This release is in a similar style to what Massimo Logli has put out via other respected techno outlets such as Frankyeffe’s Riot Recordings, Sisko Electrofanatik’s Gain and Hollen’s Prospect Records.

The release’s title track, “Kang,” opens proceedings with the roar of the bassline and a modulating acid synth that’s overlayered by euphoric pads. The breakdown is signified by a delicate piano that contrasts against the thickset drums to create a blissful moment of dance floor perfection.

Biham” is the second track, and it’s got a heavy kick drum and acid-tinged lead synth that combine to create a walloping groove. The drums subside for the breakdown, unleashing a spine-tingling section that pays homage to ‘90s trance, then the acid synths regain control when the drums hit back in.

Anser” is a heady track with stuttering synths that dance between the pounding techno beats of the percussion. It’s a dystopian cut with the right blend of deep atmosphere and driving dance floor energy.

Get a copy of the release HERE.

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