Miami Boys Talk About The Process Behind Their Latest Hit ‘Burn Through’ Alongside Krevix


With a powerful sound, Krevix and Miami Boys joined forces once more to deliver their latest hit ‘Burn Through’. Following their successful first venture together with the production of the track ‘Just One Touch’, the DJs decided to collaborate once more to drop this Future Rave anthem that showcases both acts’ talent and sound. 

We invited Miami Boys to tell us more about the behind-the-scenes process of the production of this track. 

This is what they said. 

Hey there Miami Boys! How are you doing? 

We’re doing great, thanks for asking! We had a creative break in the second half of 2022, but now we are back on track for the new year and ‘Burn Through’ is just the first of many great songs that are about to come! 

‘Burn Through’ is out now, can you tell us what inspired the production of the track? 

After we finished the first feature, ‘Just One Touch’, we already knew we wanted to collaborate again. ‘Just One Touch’ is one of our fans and our own favorites, so it only made sense to work on a follow-up.  

How did the collaboration between you come about? 

Basically, the same as with ‘Just One Touch’. Krevix brought the drop idea and the vocals to the table and we worked mainly on the breaks and some details. But with the drop that Kevin created, nothing could have gone wrong anyways. 

What would you say each artist brought to the production of ‘Burn Through’? 

The energy in the drop is 100% Krevix, but also reflects what the Miami Boys have been working on over the last 2 years. Overall, it is safe to say that Kevin mostly takes care of the bigger picture of the song and points the direction, while the Miami Boys do some refining and add flavor to it. So far, this recipe has proven to work. 

Are there any new genre or sonic explorations you’re experimenting with for this song? 

In terms of genre, ‘Burn Through’ is pure Future Rave. But, since there are so many Future Rave songs out there at this point, we always try to create something unique. In ‘Just One Touch’ we had the distinct bell sound in the break that made the track stand out from the rest. In ‘Burn Through’ we worked a lot with Oriental sounds to create a mysterious vibe in the break. 

What’s your favorite element of the track? 

Definitely the drop. The rising melody is so energetic and at the same time euphoric. Furthermore, in the second part of the drop the chords change, which keeps the arrangement so tense for the whole song.  

How long did it take you to finish the production? 

If I remember correctly, our part took roughly a week, maybe two weeks maximum. But Krevix had already done a lot of work before.  

Did you have to overcome any struggles while working on this track? 

Finding that unique element (which turned out to be the oriental vibe) was a big struggle. We thought “how can we get such a distinct element like the bell in ‘Just One Touch’ again? It made the track so special”. So, we searched for instruments that we don’t use in other productions and stumbled upon a sitar and some vocal beds that really shaped the character of the song. 

Can you describe ‘Burn Through’ to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? 

Imagine David Guetta, Morten and KSHMR working together on a Future Rave song. The result would probably be something along the lines of ‘Burn Through’.  

How would you like people to feel when they listen to the song? 


What’s next for Miami Boys? 

We already have three songs scheduled for release, all of them before April. One of them will probably be our biggest one so far, with Kazden and Yohan Warren on Crash and Smile Records.  
There is also another feature between Krevix and the two of us in the making, which is by far the best of the ones we’ve done so far, we promise.  
Aside from new music, we already have a few live bookings for this season and we are optimistic that some big shows will also be in our tour schedule in 2023.  

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