Milky Bass Behind The Scenes Of ‘Transcendence’ [Q&A]


Milky Bass is a fresh up-and-coming talent that is ready to showcase his own sound and style to the world. His high-quality productions have put his name on the list of DJs to follow up close, as he continues to explore the sounds that inspire him. This time, Milky Bass found some time to give us a sneak peek into the production process of his latest release ‘Transcendence’, his personal inspirations, musical influences and gave us news about what’s coming up next. 

1. Hi Milky Bass, how are things going? 

I’m doing great, excited for my first interview!  

2. Can you walk us through the process of working on ‘Transcendence’? What was your initial idea? 

I have been experimenting with Future Rave music for over a year now.  Many sounds and melodies have blasted through my home-studio, but I never really felt like “this is it”, so most projects remained unfinished and just ended up somewhere on my hard drive. Around the time when I started working on Transcendence, my partner and I were taking a relationship break. I needed to get back on track, emotionally and music-wise. My boyfriend confronted me with the fact that I never persisted and just kept on making songs without doing anything with them. Afterwards, I promised myself to go for it and finish the project so it could be sent out to a label. From the start, I was convinced that this song had to be my entrance to the Future Rave genre. That’s why I wanted it to sound like you are in a state of transcendence, a state of feeling empowered and reaching beyond your imagination.  

3. Did you have any references or influences for working on this track? 

Well, the godfathers of Future Rave, David Guetta and Morten, have of course inspired me a lot. But I generally listen a lot to all the new talents out there that are diving into this refreshing genre, like HEADER, Justus, Gattüso, Alex LNDN… Melody-wise the track Save My Life, created by the founders of the genre, have been a great influence for Transcendence.  

4. What was your favorite part of the production process? 

Annoying my flat mate while tweaking the sub (just kidding). Once I find the right synthesizers, the most satisfying part is creating the main melody for the drop. I love to picture an audience going wild once the kick hits and the main melody comes to its full purpose. Unsurprisingly, the main melody and the drop are the elements I work on the longest. I can listen to them a million times and go on tweaking forever, even right before going to bed or immediately after waking up in the morning.  

5. What did you want to achieve with ‘Transcendence’? 

Transcendence is my first official track in this genre. I wanted to show my producer skills and put my name on the map as a Future Rave artist. Of course, I do hope the track becomes a big success, but only signing up with Future Rave Music has already been a big achievement for me. Fun fact: by the time I signed up with the label, my boyfriend and I got back together… so in a way I have witnessed the real-life Transcendence of love. 

6. How would you describe the song to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet? 

I’d say the song is a blend between trance and EDM. It’s not really the kind of song you play in the bathroom right after waking up in the morning, but rather a club track or mainstage banger that lifts up the crowd. 

7. How long did it take you to finish the song? 

I’m the kind of producer who works on a track for a couple of hours and then needs a break. I need to change my mind and give my ears some rest before continuing to work on it. Most of the time, I first create the main melody and leave it at that for a couple of days before coming back to a track. In the meantime, all other elements of the song are starting to flow through my head. I also have a side-job that pays the bills, so I cannot work on a track multiple days in a row. Luckily, my workplace comes with an amazing sound system, which I tend to use to blaze some fresh demo’s on after my shift is over.  

8. How has the experience been of releasing your song with Future Rave Music? 

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to launch my first Future Rave track directly on this fresh and promising label! When I sent out the demo it was denied at first, but I was already happy to have received a reply and some thorough feedback. I modified the track a little, burned a candle and sent it back. After hearing that the track was approved, I found myself in a state of Transcendence for sure! 

9. What are you currently working on? 

At the moment, I’m working on a new Future Rave track in collaboration with a talented singer from Paris. We should have met last month but had to postpone our studio session due to Covid. The vocals should be finished soon, I can’t wait to share a first demo with the label!  

10. Are there any special performances or projects you are looking forward to? 

Definitely! My former professor of Electronic Music Production reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. He’s currently teaching a talented EDM producer, with whom he put me in contact.  We met up and immediately started creating melodies. We’re currently finishing up our first track together and we’re both extremely excited about it! We even consider forming a duo in the future… let’s see what the universe brings us.  

Another topic on my to-do list would be the creation of a music video for one of my upcoming tracks. I do believe that a music video with a strong storyline can really bring a song to life. I would love to create songs and videos that show a progressive and open-minded world to make people think and learn about important subjects. 

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