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Miss Sheila was born in South Africa, then moved to New York by the age of 7, there she lived her childhood and as a teenager moved to Portugal where she soon discovered clubbing, dance music and started mixing as a DJ. She has played Internationally in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Africa, etc. and has also played alongside many of today’s superstar DJs.

-How did your career begin and which was your first track ever released?

My career started in 1998 at my bar in Esmoriz Beach where I was introduced to electronic music and the art of mixing records. My first record was released on Tango Records (USA) with Joeski in 2001.

-With which labels have you worked on?

Throughout the years I’ve released in labels such as Kaos, Magna (Portugal), Fresh Form, Datagroove (Spain), Fatal (Netherlands), Nanowave (Japan), Tango (USA), Hypno (UK), Klaphouse, Gain, Moderate, Earthemia and Natura Viva (Italy), Eclipse Recordings (Belarus) and of course my own Digital Waves label.

-Which was your latest release?

My latest release was “Half Way” on Earthemia Records.

-How have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

Ive been spending lots of time in the studio, preparing my next releases, my weekly radio show, taking care of my label and also streaming sets with partners on my social media.

-Has your creative process changed at all with a more open schedule?

Yes, since I have all my bookings on hold because of the pandemic, I find more time to focus in the studio and consequently being more creative.

What drew you to the music industry?

I started out as a clubber on the dance floor which quickly led me to DJing. My inspiration came from top national and international artists like, Carl Cox, Chus & Ceballos and Deep Dish, just to name a few.

-Do you have any dreams and plans for the future?

Just to get back on tour, that’s what I want most.

Also what can we expect from you?

You can expect lots of releases and hopefully extended “live” sets!

-What’s the average day like for you? Is there any creative process that you follow?

I wake up, have a coffee, and then head to the studio. I don’t have any “recipe” for creativity, I just show up and go with the flow.

-Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

I always express my feelings in my music and most of the creative process comes from how I feel on the moment.

-Which DAW do you use to produce music? and do you play any instrument?

I use Logic Pro and Ableton live, depending on what I’m working on. I had piano lessons when I was younger which helped me a bit.

-How does what you play on affect your style of DJing and what is your general process for finding music?

I always play what I like and not based on fashion or what’s buzzing at the moment, I consider that the DJ has to spread music as knowledge and culture. So, if its listening to promos and shopping at Beatport, I always look for something fresh and new.

-How do you think the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

It has been very bad of course, one year with all the Clubs closed and no festivals.

-On a personal level, what music do you listen to in your free time?

I lived 8 years in the US, so sometimes I listen Country, Hip Hop and Jazz to unwind.

-Thank you so much for your time Sheila!

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