Nicholas Gunn and Mearzie Unveil Dynamic Collaboration ‘My Heart’ Featuring Chris Howard


The talented Producer/ Composer Nicholas Gunn strikes back with another exciting new release, titled ‘My Heart’; this time teaming up with the Producer Mearzie and featuring Vocalist Chris Howard, Nicholas Gunn is once again here to showcase his powerful sound, delivering a track that is both diverse in sound and dynamic in energy. Set for release via Blue Dot Music, ‘My Heart’ is sure to capture attention as it presents a soundscape detailed with acoustic instrumentation and powerful sonic elements.    

Nicholas Gunn appears as an unstoppable force within Electronic Music; with a seemingly unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories, he emerges as an exciting talent on the scene, one whose keen determination to innovate sees him continually experimenting with his sound. With a career that started in World Music, Gunn’s musical journey has been varied, and now, as he firmly cements himself within the Electronic Music realm, the Producer’s music continues to emerge as an original expression of his creativity; an accumulation of his wide range of influences, his productions consistently deliver engaging and captivating listens. With such a powerful signature sound, Nicholas Gunn has had the opportunity to collaborate with genre VIPs like Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Richard Durand, to name just a few; a credit to his reputation within Electronic Music as a true innovator and unique creator.  

With this newest release, Nicholas Gunn has joined forces with Mearzie, an emerging talented DJ and Producer whose talents have already earned her the opportunity to support top Artists like Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, and Pretty Pink. As he collaborates with another gifted Artist, Nicholas Gunn elevates his creativity even further, experimenting with his sound as he presents this refreshing new track.  

‘My Heart’ represents a departure from the ordinary, as Gunn seamlessly blends an array of sounds to create an impressive sonic offering. The track combines dreamy synth pads, ethereal sonic elements, and a pulsating bassline with intricate acoustic instrumentation, showcasing Gunn’s ability to effortlessly blend genres and create a truly distinctive sound. Chris Howard’s soulful vocals add depth and emotion, while the enchanting flute melody and intricate guitar layers weave together to create a rich and textured soundscape that is sure to mesmerize its listeners.  

With ‘My Heart’, Nicholas Gunn showcases his multifaceted talent, solidifying his position within Electronic Music. As he raises the bar with an exciting addition to his already impressive release catalogue, Nicholas Gunn shines a light on his unparalleled drive to create music that is always original. So, prepare to be enthralled as Nicholas Gunn presents his vibrant and diverse sonic world with this unmissable new track. ‘My Heart’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. For more information and to stay updated on Nicholas Gunn’s journey, visit his official website, and follow him on social media. 

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